20 web security interview questions and answers


Web security interview questions and answers

1.What is the principle of Least Privilege? - Web Security
2.Why are the valet keys used in Least privilege design mode? - Web Security
3.What are the principles in providing the security for the computer programs? - Web Security
4.What are the ways in which attackers can infiltrate the system? - Web Security
5.What would have happened if the least privilege principle being followed? - Web Security
6.What is the function of having SimpleWebServer and “Elevated Privileges”? - Web Security
7.What does following lines of code show? - Web Security
8.What needs to be done for having the fail-safe stance? - Web Security
9.Write a program that defines the use of fail-safe approach? - Web Security
10.What is the Fail-safe approach? - Web Security
11.What is the use of Infinite file in Web security?
12.Write a program to fix the error being produced by the Infinite file? - Web Security
13.What are the conditions kept in mind before defining the file? - Web Security
14.What does secure by default mean in web security?
15.What are the security features being provided in web security?
16.What is the function of Secure Socket layer? - Web Security
17.What are some of the preliminaries of web security?
19.What does SimpleWebServer Object include? - Web Security
20.What is the function of Socket? - Web Security

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nice collection

hi thisis very good collection keep it up plz.

ali 09-16-2013 12:49 PM


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