20 web semantic interview questions and answers


Web semantic interview questions and answers

1.What is the main function of semantic web?
2.Why is Semantic Web used in current system?
3.What is the purpose of Semantic Web?
4.Why is Semantic Web so useful for the development of web?
5.Why is Semantic web regarded as integrator? - Web Semantic
6.What are the limitations of HTML? - Web Semantic
7.Why is HTML used in Semantic web?
8.What is the limitation of HTML forms? - Web Semantic
9.What are the design flaws involved in HTML forms? - Web Semantic
10.What is being provided by Metadata tags? - Web Semantic
11.What are the activities performed using HTML? - Web Semantic
12.What is the function of semantic HTML? - Web Semantic
13.What is the use of Semantic Web solutions?
14.What are the functions of machine readable descriptions? - Web Semantic
15.What are the examples of using the non-semantic web page? - Web Semantic
16.What are the ways in which the web page can be accessed? - Web Semantic
17.What are the challenges faced by the technology? - Web Semantic
18.What are the different components used in Semantic web?
19.What is the function of Semantic Web Stack?
20.Explain the components of the semantic web in detail?
21.What are the Security Design Principles used in Web Security?

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