20 XSLT interview questions and answers


XSLT interview questions and answers

1.What is the function of XSLT?
2.What are the specifications defined in XSLT?
3.What are the rules defined by the transformation of XSL?
4.How does a template instantiated? - XSLT
5.What are the steps in the instantiation of a template? - XSLT
6.What does a powerful template do? - XSLT
7.What are the nodes using which the template gets instantiated? - XSLT
8.What are the hooks provided by XSLT?
9.What is the stylesheet structure used with XSLT?
10.How important is an element’s attributes used in XSLT?
11.Write a program to use the Stylesheet element? - XSLT
12.What are the different elements contain in xsl:stylesheet? - XSLT
13.Write a program to show the element is occurring as a child? - XSLT
14.What are the condtions that apply in case of xsl:stylesheet element? - XSLT
15.What happens about the presence of the top-level element? - XSLT
16.What is provided by the elements that don’t recognize the namespace URI? - XSLT
17.Write a program to show Literal Result Element as Stylesheet? - XSLT
18.Write a program to show the purpose of literal result element? - XSLT
19.What happens when an element is being processed in forwards-compatible mode? - XSLT
20.What is the function of forward compatible processing? - XSLT

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How we retain namespace from source tree to result tree using XSLT

keshav kumar 09-10-2016 06:50 AM


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