Zoology/Botany interview questions and answers


Zoology/Botany interview questions and answers

Zoology interview questions

1. Which kingdom does starfish belong to?
2. How many bones does a newly born human infact have?
3. What are mitochondria? Why are they called as "Power house" of a cell? 4. How many types of twins can be there? Explain each.
5. How many days does the fertilized ovum in human beings takes before reaching the uterus? 6. What are the bones of face called as? 7. Which cells in human body do not have any blood supply? 8. Which muscle in human body is attached only on one side? 9. What does the diaphragm do? 10. Why do humans have two intestines - small and big?

Botany interview questions

1. What is the formula of process of photosynthesis?
2. Why do sun flowers move with sunlight?
3. Explain electrophoresis.
4. What are the symptoms of following?
a.) Late blight of potato
b.) Early blight of potato
5. What causes black heart of potato?
6. Explain:
a.) Phelloids
b.) Phellem
7. Explain the reproductice system in a female flower.
8. Differentiate between C3 and C4 plants.
9. Classify the following into fruits,roots, stem:
a.) Ginger
b.) Tomato
c.) Beet
d.) Potato
e.) Apple
10. Explain Cotyledons.

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