Data Warehousing interview questions part 2

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49.What is Data Scheme?

Data Scheme is a diagrammatic representation that illustrates data structures and data relationships to each other in the relational database within the data warehouse................
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50.What is Bit Mapped Index?

Bitmap indexes make use of bit arrays (bitmaps) to answer queries by performing bitwise logical operations..................
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51.What is Bi-directional Extract?

In hierarchical, networked or relational databases, the data can be extracted, cleansed and transferred in two directions. The ability of a system to do this is refered to as bidirectional extracts................
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52.What is Data Collection Frequency?

Data collection frequency is the rate at which data is collected. However, the data is not just collected and stored. it goes through various stages of processing like extracting from various sources, cleansing, transforming and then storing in useful patterns................
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