MicroStrategy interview questions and answers

Microstrategy interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates. Also find Microstrategy online practice tests to fight written tests and certification exams on Microstrategy. In this section we have covered almost all Microstrategy questions that might be asked during an interview.

MicroStrategy interview questions

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Microstrategy Test (15 questions)
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What is metadata?
What are objects? Name different type of objects in MicroStrategy?
Explain: a.) Two-tier connection b.) Three-tier connection c.) Four-tier connection
Differentiate between two-tier, three-tier and four-tier connections.
How do you achieve schema object version control?
Explain: a.) Fact table b.) Batch c.) ETL
What do you mean by Dimensional Modeling and Relational Modeling? Which one do you use in DW? Why?
Explain the difference between following: a.) ROLAP b.) MOLAP c.) HOLAP
You have got the requirement from a client. Explain the technical approach you will take now.
Explain: a.) System call error b.) Object variable error
Can metadata be manually edited? If yes, how?
What is a DW? Why do we need it?

According to you, what are the most important tables in a DW? Why?
Explain: a.) Star Schema b.) Snowflake Schema c.) Fact Constellation Schema
What do you mean by following? a.) Kimball b.) Inmon c.) Staging Area
Explain confirmed dimensions. When are they used?
Can you explain surrogate key?
Explain: a.) RW document b.) HTML document
Suppose the network connection between a webserver and clustered I-server gets lost. What will happen? Will the report still run?
Explain the various types of filters available.
Is there a difference between View Filter and Report Filter?
What are Prompted Filters? Have you ever used them? Where?
What do you mean by derived metrics?
If your client wanted to customize the null value, how would you do that?
What is a cube?
What is a bridge table?
What do you mean by XML Cache?
Do you know how to prioritize the excecution of a report?
Explain following terms: a.) Compound Key b.) Fact c.) Attribute
Explain: a.) Factless Facts b.) Fact structure c.) Fact Relation d.) Fact Degradation
What are the different types of fact structures?
Explain: a.) MD Doctor b.) Clustering c.) Scan MD
What are the different authentication modes available in Microstrategy?
How would you configure WH authentication? Explain.
Explain: a.) Compound Key b.) Transformations c.) Level extension
How do you create Schema objects in 2 tier connection?
Imagine this, you are required to reset the password for all users at a time. How would you do that?
Now, imagine this, you come across a situation where an aggregate table at higher level has a higher LTS than the one at lower level. a.) What problems can you anticipate? b.) How would you solve the problem.
What is an I-server? What are the different modes to run it?
Situation: you are required to update a table in warehouse. Can you do it with the help of MicroStrategy?If yes, how?
Situation: Your application mode has crashed. a.) How would you run your I-server? b.) How would you get the instance back?
Explain: a.) Oject Manager b.) MicroStrategy logical primary keys c.) True primary keys
What are the criteria used by the MicroStrategy SQL Engine to build the join tree of a report’s SQL?
Situation: Your I-sever crashed. What will you do?
Explain: a.) Attribute role b.) Security role c.) Security filter d.) Access control
Is it possible to limit the number of reports run by a users at a time? How? What will happen if this limit is exceeded?
Is it possible to apply themes to MicroStrategy web? How?
Situation: Your account is locked and your administrator has forgotten the password. What would you do?
Can you create an event based schedule in MicroStrategy? How?
How would you get two images on Microstrategy login page?
Is it possible to get a floating window in MicroStartegy web? If yes, how?
How will you monitor the errors received while running I-server and report?
What is the effect of DLS on MicroStrategy?
Situation: You are required to disable webusers to use only one I-server. How would you do that?
Explain 4GT switch. Does it have any drawback?
Picture this: Your colleague installed MicroStrategy on Solaris or UNIX without Root access. Will he be able to start/ restart this server?
What do you mean by bulk export report?
What do you mean by MSTR? What are the different types of MSTR objects?
Explain: a.) Absolute filter b.) Standard Filters
What are the different types of tests done on a MicroStrategy report?
What do you mean by trimming SQL in MicroStrategy?
What is the difference between Microstrategy and Cognos Reporting Tool?
What are logical views used for in Microstrategy?
Can a record be inserted and updated in database using Microstartegy?
How do you optimize reports in Microstartegy?
How are Microstrategy reports performance tuned?
How would you increase the logical size of a table in Microstrategy?
Compare dataset and fileset.
What do you mean by static prompt report?
Explain: a.) Adhoc Reports b.) Static Reports
What are VLDB properties?
What do you mean by: a.) Consolidations b.) Custom groups c.) Passthrough functions d.) Security Filter
What is a security filter?
What according to you are the roles and responsibilities of a MicroStrategy developer?.

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