Sybase interview questions and answers


Sybase interview questions and answers

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What is Sybase?What are its important features?
What is the default size of master database in Sybase?
What is Replication Server? What is its role in Sybase?
What do you mean by exception log in replication?
How do you check database space? What measures are there to increase the db space?
Situation: There is no space in file system and you need to take a back up. What will you do?
What will you do if a replication thread goes down?
How do you use Workspace in Sybase?
You need to purge data from audit database. What will you do?
How would you lock a table in sybase? What text command will you use for it?
Explain locking. List its types.
Explain: a.)Procedure cache b.)Data cache c.)Bind Cache
How do you view log files in Sybase?
When you change a database option when will it come into effect?
What are the main differences between 11.x and 12.x versions of Sybase?
Explain Coalesce. What is the equivalent of Oracle/Db2 Coalesce Function in Sybase?
Explain index covering? List its merits.
What do you mean by deferred update in Sybase?
Explain "Forcing an index" concept.
How would you list objects in Sybase?
What data types does Sybase support?
What is the default table size in Sybase?
Situation: You want to delete a table in Sybase. How would you do it?
List different types of Sybase index.
Explain: a.) Open Server b.) Sybase SQL Server
Explain relationship between JDBC and Sybase.
List similarities and differences between oracle & sybase.
What is the difference between natural join and equi join?
How would you configure identities in Sybase?
How would you configure burn factor in Sybase?
Differentiate between: a.) Replication Server and SQL Remote b.) DB-lib and CT-lib c.) LTM and RepAgent
Explain defncopy and it's usage.
Explain Timestemp datatype in Sybase.
Explain: a.) Intimate Shared Memory(ISM) b.) Engines c.) Mirroring
Situation: You need to remove duplicate rows from a Sybase table. How would you do that?
Situtation: You need to manipulate varbinary columns in Sybase. How would you do that?
Situation: You need to add a NotNull Column in a table by using alter command (without using default command). How would you do that?
Is there a difference in storage type of numeric and decimal data types in sybase? If yes, what?
How do the blocker processes exist internally in sybase?
What do you mean by Adaptive Server Enterprise?
Exaplin TDS (Tabular Data Streams).
What causes re-resolution of a stored procedure in Sybase?
Differentiate between clustered and non-clustered index.
What does –I option do in Sybase tools?
Explain ASA, ASA Ultralite.
List different types of locks in Sybase?
Situation: You need to remove the affected rows and dashes. How would you do that?
What are table partitions? how is it different with ASE 15.0 version?
How would you improve throughput in Sybase?
Situation: You need to multiply all values of a single column. How would you do that?
Explain Update Statistics.
Situation: Tempdb is full. How would you clear it?
Explain Autosys. Why do you need it.
Situation: The Secondary truncation point is on. How would you clear the logsegment?
What is the use of sp_helprotect in Sybase?
What is the use of 'with check' option in views?
What is the difference between 'dump tran database to physical name' 'dump tran database with truncate_only' and dump tran database with no_log'and In real time when we go to truncate the log?
What mandatory options are required for BCP command utility?
How would you check the long running transaction?
How would you replicate col = col + 1 in Sybase?
What are the operating systems in which Sybase could take its presence?
How would you fix a Munged Log in Sybase ?

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