Microsoft Access interview questions

What is Microsoft Access?
What are the various features present in MS Access?
List some of the uses of MS Access.
What are the protection features in MS Access?
List some file extensions of Microsoft Access.
What can be the maximum size of an Access database?
How does Microsoft Access database recover free space?
Is it possible to retrieve all tables along with all the data?How?
List different query types in Microsoft Access database
You need to add parameters to a query in MS Access database. How would you do that?
What is dynasets in MS Access?
Is it possible to use primary key of one table as a primary key in many other tables?If yes, how?
How would you remodel an existing Access database?
Explain: a.) Index Key b.) Primary Key c.) Foreign Key
Explain: a.) Superior Keys b.) Candidate Keys. How are they different?
List the advantages of Access database ovr Oracle database.
How are queries run in MS Access? List different ways.
Explain: a.)Table queries b.)Select queries.What are the main differences between the two? 
You need to migrate the MS access database tables to Oracle. What steps will you take?
At what levels can data validation be done in Microsoft Access database? 
How will you create a updatecascade, Deletecascade relation in Ms-Access? Explain with example.
Explain Replication Manager.
Is there a limitation on the size of a database that can be opened in Microsoft Access?If yes, what?
Versions of softwares change everyday. In what format should I save my database so that different versions of MS Access cab open it?
Is it possible to automate the MS Access database through menu driven selections? If yes, how?
Create an append query. 
What are the uses of append query?
How would you create a report using the report tool and report wizard?
How would you import data from another MS Access Database?
How would you manager data tasks? 
Explain: a.) Relationships b.) Look up Fields
What would happen if the both source and destination have the same name?
Can you insert and retrive images in MSACCESS using java? If yes, how?
You are required to create a macro that can run action query. What steps will you take?
Suppose you are designing an Access database form. How will you get your next control in the form to be automatically selected?
The long and short date option in MS Access does not show 4 digit years. How would you achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format? 
How would you import a sharepoint list?
How would you open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version? 
I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my data to be sorted. Is that a right approach?
I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message "There was an error executing this command." What could be wrong?
How is a developer added to a trusted publishers list?
What conditions he must fullfil before being accepted as a publisher?
What do you mean by ERD and its main elements? Explain with example.
What objects are present in the table MsysObjects of Microsoft Access database? 

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