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Database concepts Interview questions - Part 3

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20.What is Union and Union All operator?

Union is used to combine distinct records from two tables. Union all combines all records from two tables.............. 

21.What is cursor?

A Cursor is a database object that represents a result set and is used to manipulate data row by row. When a cursor is opened, it is positioned on a row and that row is available for processing.............

22.Explain the cursor types.

DYNAMIC: It reflects changes happened on the table while scrolling through the row.
STATIC: It works on snapshot of record set and disconnects from the server...............  

24.Explain in brief the cursor optimization tips.

Close cursor when it is not required.
You shouldn’t forget to deallocate cursor after closing it................  

25.What is sub-query?

Sub-query is a query within a Query. Example of sub-query: 
Select CustId, Custname From Customer Where Cust_Id IN (Select Doct_Id from Doctor)...............

26.Explain the use of group by clause.

"Group By" is used to derive aggegate values by grouping similar data................

27.Difference between clustered and non-clustered index.

Both stored as B-tree structure. The leaf level of a clustered index is the actual data where as leaf level of a non-clustered index is pointer to data...............  

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