20 teradata interview questions and answers


Teradata interview questions and answers

1. Where is Teradata RDBMS used?
2.What can be achieved by using the Teradata RDBMS?
3.What are the different design perspectives used in Teradata?
4.What are the different functions performed in Development phase? - Teradata
5.What are the design features involved in Teradata?
6.What are the functions involved in Shared Information Architecture?
7.What is the use of Teradata System Software?
8.What are the uses of Client Software involved in Teradata?
9.What are the different softwares used with their functions in Teradata?
10.What are the different functions included in the server software? - Teradata
11.What are the steps involved in the process flow of the SQL statement through channel attached system? - Teradata
12.What are the steps involved after the disk manager passes the request? - Teradata
13.What is the function of parser component in Teradata?
14.Write a program to show the parser component used in Teradata?
15.What is the use of stored procedures in Teradata?
16.What are the components used in SMP and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) machines? - Teradata
17.What are the functions performed by BYNET? - Teradata
18.What are the uses of BYNETs in multi-node systems? - Teradata
19.What are the components provided on node? - Teradata
20.What is the use of Virtual processor Connectivity in Teradata?

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