20 progress interview questions and answers


Progress interview questions and answers

1. What are the sections involved in Progress procedure programming?
2.What are the components used for user interface in Progress?
3.What are the steps involved in Edit buffers and procedure files? - Progress
4.Why is Progress language considered as block-structure language? - Progress
5.Write a program that is constructed in Basic 4GL? - Progress
6.What are the files used by Progress language?
7.What is the function of Edit buffers and Procedure files?
8.What are the operations supported by Progress’s procedure editor?
9.What are the steps required for manipulation of the block of text?
10.What are the modes of text entry in Procedure editor? - Progress
11.How does text entry and manipulation work in Progress?
12.What are the conventions followed by using Progress Menu?
13.What are the steps required to create widgets? - Progress
14.What is the main function of Object interfaces? - Progress
15.What are the features provided by Procedure Editor? - Progress
16.What are the different tools used by the Progress programming language? - Progress
17.What are the functions performed by the user on the database table? - Progress
18.What is the use of Application Defaults in Progress? - Progress
19.How is database managed in Progress programming language? - Progress
20.What are the steps involved in handling the business tasks? - Progress 

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