Firebird interview questions and answers


Firebird interview questions and answers


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What is the source of Firebird?
List the important features of Firebird.
Explain generators.
What platforms does Firebird support?
How would you monitor Firebird server activity?
How many maximum number of rows can a table have in Firebird?
Situation: You need to connect multiple Firebird servers in a network. List the steps you will take.
Firebird is not considered as an enterprise databse. Why?
You need to connect to Firebird database. List the steps you will take.
You need to create a database in Linux environment using Firebird. How wil you do that?
What is command for supporting foreign key in Firebird?
How will you handle procedures in Firebird? What command will you use?
What is command for supporting foreign key in Firebird?
List the uses of Firebird Guardian.
Explain: a.) Classic Server b.) Super Server
How do you do the following in Firebird?
            a.) Activating all indexes.
            b.) Changing database dialect.
            c.) Creating a database from your program.
            d.) Deactivating triggers
            e.) Debugging stored procedure.
            f.) Opening the database in exclusive mode.
How would you move a multi-file database?
Is it possible to lock records in a table? How?
How would you load a file into database column?
You need a list of tables, views and columns in Firebird. How will you get it?
You need to extract metadata for the entire database. How would you do that?
How would you replicate Firebird database?
How would you export data from Firebird and import into another database?
How would you select a random record from a table?
Situation: You need Firebird to accept connections from specified hosts or networks only. How would you do that?
Is it possible to determine clients IP address? How?
Suppose your Firebird database got corrupt. How would you repair it?
Firebird is not considered as an enterprise database. Comment.
How would you recreate the index on a Firebird table?
How is triggers concept taken care in Firebird?
How does firebird handle row level locks?
What is the default concurrency system supported by Firebird?
How Firebird handles save points and rollback in transactions?
List three separate dialects of SQL that Firebird offers?
You need to create an auto-incrementing primary key column in Firebird. What command will you use?
Is it possible to concurrently access a Firebird database with embedded and with regular server?If yes, how?
How to pipe multiline string to isql?
How would you disconnect the user connection?
How would you prevent firebird.log file from filling up the disk partition?
Suppose you need to specify transaction or query timeout. How would you do that?
Is there a way to automate SQL execution from the command-line, batch job or shell script?
How to configure ExternalFileAccess setting in firebird.conf? Can you explain with an example.
Why does reading require write privileges on database file?
How would you configure UdfAccess setting in firebird.conf? Explain with example.
Difference between tnsnames.ora and listener.ora?
What do you mean by TSQL?

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