20 BO designer interview questions and answers


BO designer interview questions and answers

1. What is Business Object? - BO Designer
2.What is BO Main Key? What is a Domain and what are they? - BO Designer
3.What are Linked Universes? Explain Alerter, Filter, Breaks and Conditions. - BO Designer
4.What is the drill up, drill down, drill by, drill trough? - BO Designer
5.How to analyze the database to improve the performance of reports? - BO Designer
6.Explain about SQL Queries execution that is activated by Data Provider in BO. - BO Designer
7.What is the difference between Filters and Condition & Formula and Variable? - BO Designer
8.What are the functions Business Object Designer? - BO Designer
9.What is called Strategy? - BO Designer
10.What are the steps to be taken care to improve the Report performance? - BO Designer
11.What are the requirements of Universe? - BO Designer
12.How to optimize the design of Universe? - BO Designer
13.What are the BO security levels? Compare Cognos Reportnet and Crystal reports. - BO Designer
14.How to connect one to one report? - BO Designer
15.Describe the Functional Differences and Architectural Differences between BO and WI reports. - BO Designer
16.Explain the process of creating Context. - BO Designer
17.What are Aggregate Awareness and Index Awareness? Where are they used and how can be used? - BO Designer
18.Explain about Locking Universe. - BO Designer
19.What are BOX IR tools?- BO Designer
20.Mention certain best practices for Report Design. - BO Designer

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