20 central processing unit interview questions and answers


Central processing unit interview questions and answers

1. Explain the functions of the CU and ALU in the CPU of a computer.
2.Briefly explain the types of data storage and its relation with the CPU.
3.Explain what do you understand by registers, briefly explain the various types of registers. - CPU
4.What are the different ways in which data can be represented? - CPU
5.Mention briefly the steps involved in the execution of a program. - CPU
6.Explain the characteristics of instruction and execution time. - CPU
7.What do you understand by system clock? What is System Unit? - CPU
8.What do you understand by coding schemes? - CPU
9.What does a Microprocessor mean? What all does a Microprocessor comprise of?- CPU
10.What do you understand by the term ‘Transistors’? - CPU
11.Explain some Memory Components. - CPU
12.What do you mean by RAM? - CPU
13.What is System Bus? Explain a few related terms. - CPU
14.What is cache memory? - CPU
15.What do you mean by Parallel Processing? - CPU
16.What are the steps involved in following a particular instruction given by the CPU?
17.What is RISC technology? - CPU
18.Are there any problems that the CPU faces? Have any measures been taken to make it more efficient?
20.Define the basic logical structure of a computer.

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