20 data integration interview questions and answers


Data integration interview questions and answers

1. What is Data Integration?
2.What are the benefits of data integration?
3.What are the factors that are addressed to integrate data? - Data Integration
4.What are the three major types of data integration jobs?
5.How do we measure progress in Data Integration? - Data Integration
6.Explain about Manual Integration and Application Based Integration. - Data Integration
7.What is Uniform Data Access Integration?
8.Describe about Physical Data Integration.
9.Is Data integration And ETL programming is same?
10.Explain about Data Integration hierarchy.
11.What is History Preserving? - Data Integration
12.What is Hierarchy Flattening? - Data Integration
13.Explain about Pivot – Columns to Rows. - Data Integration
14.Describe how to adjust the performance of Data Integrator.
15.What are the prime responsibilities of Data Integration Administrator?
16.Explain about Data Integrator Metadata Reports. - Data Integration
17.How SNMP Agent is associated with Data Integrator? - Data Integration
18.Explain about various caches available in Data Integrator. - Data Integration
19.How Full Outer Join is implemented BODI? Explain with examples. - Data Integration
20.What is Cascade and Drill Through? What is the difference between them?

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