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Javascript test questions HTML5 (60 questions)
XML practice test Javascript test questions

This test is for experienced programmers and developers. It includes Javascript topics such as

JavaScript basic JavaScript statements JavaScript comments
JavaScript variables JavaScript operators JavaScript comparisons
JavaScript functions JavaScript events JavaScript Try...Catch
JavaScript throw    
Latest Javascript interview questions and answers

What is the difference between Client side JavaScript and Server side JavaScript.
Where are cookies actually stored on the hard disk?
What is the difference between a web-garden and a web-farm?
What is the difference between SessionState and ViewState?
How to Accessing Elements using javascript?
What is the difference between undefined value and null value?  

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Career 12-19-2011 04:47 AM

JavaScript multiple choice questions

Couple of questions are very confusing but overall a good test, do post more of these kind

Batul 11-5-2011 08:38 AM

Javascript multiple choice questions

Javascript questions
How to append a value to an array of Java Script?

arr[arr.length] = value
arr[arr.length+1] = new Arrays()
arr[arr.length-1] = value
arr[arr.length*1] = value

Riki 11-5-2011 06:48 AM



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