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VB.NET test
ASP.NET (41 questions) ASP.NET (16 questions)
ASP.NET test for Freshers(19 questions) ASP.NET test for Experienced(19 questions)
ASP.NET test (16 questions) ASP.NET test (20 questions)
.NET Framework (26 questions) C#.NET (38 questions)
VB.NET (33 questions) Csharp.NET for freshers(20 questions)
Csharp.NET for freshers(20 questions) Csharp.NET for experienced (20 questions)
Sharepoint (20 questions) Sharepoint 2007 (15 questions)
ASP.NET(20 questions) DOT.NET
.NET Caching .NET Remoting and webservices
.NET Security
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 1 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 2
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 3 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 4
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 5 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 6
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 7 Introduction of ASP.NET
ASP.NET HTML and Web Server Control Validation Control and Web page navigation
Designing Websites with Master Pages State Management System
Working with ASP.NET AJAX Working with ADO.NET
Working with ADO.NET Caching Application pages and data
ASP.NET Security

This test is for experienced programmers and developers. It includes VB.NET topics such as

Arrays Collections Enumerations
Assemblies Operators Operator overloading
Properties Types Windows forms
Classes Inheritance Class access modifiers
Constructors Finalizers Garbage collection
Inheritance Interfaces Polymorphism
Static and Instance members Debugging Command windows
Configuring debugging Tracing Data access
ADO providers Data adapter Data binding controls
Data command Data connection Data view
SQL server access XML access Distributed applications

Latest VB.NET interview questions and answers

Describe the managed execution process in .NET
Imperative and declarative security.
Describe user interface design in .Net.
What are the major components of .NET framework?
What do you understand by side-by-site execution of assembly?
How do we access crystal reports in .NET?
How to use performance monitor to diagnose bottlenecks in your application?
Difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions. 

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Career 12-19-2011 04:08 AM

VB.NET multiple choice questions

Good test, but we expect more questions on VB.NET. You have sufficient questions on Csharp but only few on VB.NET. Please upload more questions and intimate

Jai 11-5-2011 03:38 AM

VB.NET multiple choice questions

Which of the following is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database?

Data Set
Typed Data Set

Ans C

Hemant 11-4-2011 06:41 AM



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