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ASP.NET (41 questions) ASP.NET (16 questions)
ASP.NET test for Freshers(19 questions) ASP.NET test for Experienced(19 questions)
ASP.NET test (16 questions) ASP.NET test (20 questions)
.NET Framework (26 questions) C#.NET (38 questions)
VB.NET (33 questions) Csharp.NET for freshers(20 questions)
Csharp.NET for freshers(20 questions) Csharp.NET for experienced (20 questions)
Sharepoint (20 questions) Sharepoint 2007 (15 questions)
ASP.NET(20 questions) DOT.NET
.NET Caching .NET Remoting and webservices
.NET Security
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 1 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 2
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 3 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 4
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 5 Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 6
Placement papers on ASP.NET - Set 7 Introduction of ASP.NET
ASP.NET HTML and Web Server Control Validation Control and Web page navigation
Designing Websites with Master Pages State Management System
Working with ASP.NET AJAX Working with ADO.NET
Working with ADO.NET Caching Application pages and data
ASP.NET Security

These tests include ASP.NET topics such as

.NET framework Class libraries Performance
Security Accessing data Data binding
Application and session events Page and control events Debugging
Error handling Tracing Configuring web applications
Deploying web applications Custom controls Validation controls
User controls Web services  
Latest ASP.NET interview questions and answers

What is the difference between src and Code-Behind?
What is an application domain?
Describe SAO architecture of Remoting.
What is marshalling? Explain types of marshalling.
What is Cache Callback in Cache?
Explain the various modes of storing ASP.NET session.
What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET?  

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Career 12-19-2011 04:42 AM

ASP.NET multiple choice questions

Few ASP.NET multiple choice questions

What is the last stage of the Web forms lifecycle?
Event Handling

You have been asked to debug a Web-based ASP.NET application.
For some reason, the debugging information is not presented. What could be missing?
<%@ Page Debug="true" %>
<%@ Application Page="true" %>
<%@ Page Trace="true" %>
<%@ Application Trace="true" %>

Prithvi 11-9-2011 07:13 AM

ASP.NET multiple choice questions

Hey, you people have posted best questions on ASP.NET. Good coverage. Most of the questions are quite frequently asked during an interview. Keep it up

Abi 11-5-2011 02:38 AM multiple choice questions

Recently I have been asked this question during one of the interview

Which cache priority setting has the highest priority?


Mehta 11-5-2011 01:49 AM multiple choice questions!

A new ASP.NET test of 20 questions for experienced and freshers. You can just click on the link and follow the test. You score will appear just after test:

New ASP.NET test - Multiple choice

Nishant 11-5-2011 01:45 AM



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