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C++ part 1 (20 questions) C++ part 2 (20 questions)
C++ part 3 (18 questions) Data structure (20 questions)
VC++ Oops (20 questions)
C test (42 questions) C++ questions - 38 questions
Constructor and destructor Polymorphism and abstract function
Exception Handling File Handling
C++ Functions Inheritance
C++ Manipulators Memory Management
Oops Operator Overloading
Operators variables C++ Pointers
Static members C++ Templates
Placement papers on C++ - Set 1 Placement papers on C++ - Set 2
Placement papers on C++ - Set 3 Placement papers on C++ - Set 4
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These tests include C++ topics such as

C++ access control C++ constructors destructors C++ containers
C++ error handling C++ exception handling C++ friend members
C++ inheritance C++ inline function C++ memory leaks
C++ namespaces C++ new and delete C++ operator overloading
C++ pointers C++ virtual functions C++ pure virtual functions
C++ data types C++ collections C++ functions
C++ arrays C++ classes and structure C++ polymorphism
C++ multiple inheritance Data structure in C++  
Latest C++ interview questions and answers

Explain the difference between struct and class in terms of Access Modifier.
Define private, protected and public access control.
Explain the different access specifiers for the class member in C++.
What is the importance of mutable keyword?
When is dynamic checking necessary?
Explain object oriented programming.  

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Career 12-19-2011 04:38 AM

C++ multiple choice questions

When class B is inherited from class A, what is the order in which the constructers of those classes are called

Class A first Class B next
Class B first Class A next
Class B's only as it is the child class
Class A's only as it is the parent class

Which of the following members do get inherited but become private members in child class

All the above

class derived: public base1, public base2 { } is an example of

Polymorphic inheritance
Multilevel inheritance
Hierarchical inheritance
Multiple inheritance

Jitu 12-19-2011 04:01 AM

C++ multiple choice questions

Fantastic work, quite helpful. Please include more C++ tests and intimate. Most of the questions are quite common in interviews.

Keep uploading more questions

Anuja 12-19-2011 03:59 AM

c++ multiple choice questions

C++ as an object-oriented

C++ as an object-oriented

Mike 11-8-2011 03:59 AM

c++ multiple choice questions

C++ interview questions

C++ interview questions and answers

Kailash 11-8-2011 03:56 AM

C++ multiple choice questions

C++ tests are good. Thanks for posting these test, quite helpful....do post more

Prashant 11-4-2011 09:38 PM



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