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EJB test EJB - Advanced Java Test
Java part 1 (39 questions) Java part 2 (40 questions)
EJB (20 questions) JDBC (20 questions)
Applet (20 questions) Struts (21 questions)
Servlets (20 questions) Java web services (20 questions)
Javascript (40 questions) Java part 3 (22 questions)
Core Java  (72 questions) Java  (20 questions)

This test is for experienced programmers and developers. It includes EJB topics such as

EJB architecture EJB session and entity EJB view
EJB types EJB roles EJB advantages & limitations
EJB session beans EJB entity beans EJB entity model
EJB asynchronous EJB environment EJB resource manager
EJB security EJB performances EJB containers
Latest EJB interview questions and answers

What are the kinds of EJB's?
Describe the life cycle for stateless and Stateful beans.
What is an EJB Context?
What is lazy loading?
Explain create methods of Entity Bean?  

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Career 12-19-2011 04:49 AM

EJB multiple choice questions

Please post more questions on EJB

shipra 11-5-2011 12:38 PM

EJB multiple choice questions

Which of the following is true ?

Preserving of any state across method calls does not performed by Stateless session beans
Multiple users can access Stateful session beans at the same time
Both are correct

neha 11-5-2011 03:53 AM



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