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C++ MCQs

C++ model question paper Constructor and destructor Polymorphism and abstract function
Exception Handling File Handling C++ Functions
Inheritance C++ Manipulators Memory Management
Oops Operator Overloading Operators variables
C++ Pointers Static members C++ Templates
C++ - Set 1 C++ - Set 2 C++ - Set 3
C++ - Set 4 C++ - Set 5

Java MCQs

Java programming Object-oriented programming with Java Inheritance
Java Exception handling Java object class Java Wrapper classes
Java Packages Applets AWT and Swing
Database connectivity with JDBC Concepts of networking Java I/O Package
Java Threads

Networking MCQs

Networking test questions Data communication networks and reference models Physical Communication
Link Layer Communication IP Addressing and Routing IPv6
Domain Network Services Network Applications Network security
Advanced Network Technologies

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Computer Architecture Organization Computer Networks test Digital logic test
Database test Operating system test Theory of Computation
Software Engineering and Web technologies Programming and data structures Compiler Design test
Algorithm test Computer storage devices Programming language
Application software - 1 Application software - 2 Application software - 3
Input system Output system Networking and Internet
Processing System Fundamentals of computer Computer Virus
Computer Knowledge model test - 1 Computer Knowledge model test -2 30 Computer knowledge
9 Computer knowledge

ASP.NET interview questions and answers

Describe how Passport authentication works. 
Explain the steps to be followed to use Passport authentication. 
Explain the advantages of Passport authentication. 
What is caching? 
Explain the use of duration attribute of @OutputCache page directive. 
What is AppSetting Section in “Web.Config” file? 
What is impersonation in ASP.NET? 
Explain the ways of authentication techniques in ASP.NET 
Explain how authorization works in ASP.NET 
What are the events in GLOBAL.ASAX file? 
What is Authentication in ASP.NET? 
Explain the concept of Automatic Memory Management in ASP.NET. 
What are the ways to retain variables between requests? 
What is the Common Language Specification (CLS)? 
Advantages and disadvantages of using Session State. 

Java interview questions and answers 

What is an immutable class? How to create an immutable class? 
Difference between ArrayList and vector. 
What is the difference between a field variable and a local variable? 
When do we need to flush an output stream? 
Explain the purpose of garbage collection that the JVM uses. 
Explain how to read a line of input at a time. 
What is an interface and how will you go about implementing an interface? 
Explain the difference between Static and Non-Static fields of a class. 
What are Class loaders? Explain the types of class loader, i.e. Bootstrap Class loader, Extension Class loader and System Class loader 
Can you explain how can we practically do dynamic loading? 
Explain how to implement Shallow Cloning. 
Explain how to implement Deep Cloning. 
Can you explain how Scheduling and Priority works in threads? 
Explain how to implement single threaded model in servlets. 
Can you explain how Java interacts with database? 
Explain the different section of JDBC and their usage. 
Can you explain SQLException class? What is SQL State in SQL Exception 

C++ interview questions and answers 

Explain how to call C code from C++ code. Explain with an example. 
How can an object of a C++ class be passed to or from a C function? 
Why does COM require GUIDs? 
What happens when an object is destroyed that doesn't have an explicit destructor? 
Explain the problem with dynamic type checking. 
What is wrong with an object being assigned to itself? 
Explain how static member functions are called.  
What happens when a pointer is deleted twice? 
What are the ways to comment statement in C++? 
What is static class data? 
What are static and dynamic type checking? 
What is local class in C++? 
What is virtual function? Explain with an example. 
Explain the use of Vtable. 
Describe static and dynamic binding of functions. 
What are Templates? Give an example to illustrate it. 
What are the syntax and semantics for a function template? 

SQL Server interview questions and answers

What are various aggregate functions that are available?
How do you integrate the SSRS reports in your application?
Explain use of Expression builder.
Difference between drill down and drill through report. 
Can we use custom code in SSRS? If so, explain how we can do. 
How does your SSRS maintain security? 
Define Local temporary table and global temporary table 
What are the guidelines to use bulk copy utility of SQL Server? 
Ways to troubleshoot performance problems in SQL Server 
What is a deadlock and what is a live lock? 
Explain different types of BACKUPs avaialabe in SQL Server 
Define Normalization and De- Normalization. 
Define data, entity, domain and referential integrity. 
Define temporary and extended stored procedure. 
Define Primary and Unique key. 
What is the actions prevented once referential integrity is enforced? 
What are the guidelines to use bulk copy utility of SQL Server? 
What are the advantages of using Stored Procedures? 

Oracle interview questions and answers

How to retrieve 5th highest sal from emp table?
What is $FLEX$ and $PROFILES$? Where are they used? 
Explain how to pass values from one table to another by using Bulk collect. 
How to call a trigger inside a stored procedure? 
What is WATER MARK IN oracle? Explain the significance of High water mark. 
What is an object groups? 
Difference between clustering and mirroring 
Difference between paging and fragmentation 
Can you explain how to insert an image in table in oracle? 
How to find out second largest value in the table? 
Disadvantage of user defined function in oracle. 
Explain the significance of cluster table or non cluster table. 
What is pragma restrict_reference in oracle 9i? When do we use it? 
Why can't we assign not null constraint as table level constraint in oracle? 
Explain the use of between page triggers in REPORTS. 
How to delete all duplicate records from a table using subquery? 
How many types of trigger can be used in a table at a time? What are they? 
What is partitioned table? What are its types? Explain its purpose and how to create. 

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