Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Nov 3, 2015

1)   Leaders of S. Korea and which nation met for formal talks for the first time in three years on 2nd November 2015?

a. China
b. Japan
c. Indonesia
d. Malaysia
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S. Korea and Japan met for their first one on one formal summit in 3 years and agreed to strengthen ties which have been plagued by historical and territorial disputes. Links between Japan and 2 Asian neighbours had fallen to a new low after Shinzo Abe took office in 2012.

2)   Which country has removed titles for the second time in its history on 2nd November 2015?

a. UK
b. US
c. Italy
d. Australia
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ANSWER: Australia

Australia is removing the titles associated with knights and dames once again. It had earlier done so in 1986. Former PM Tony Abbott had revived the system of knights. Malcolm Turnbull who took over from Abbott in September announced that the Queen had accepted the cabinet recommendation for removing knights and dames from the Order of Australia.

3)   Which AKP party Turkish leader has announced a victory/ majority in the parliamentary elections on 2nd November 2015?

a. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
b. Ahmet Davutoglu
c. Ahmet Erdogan
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu declared victory for his ruling party after results showed it garnering a majority in the parliament. Preliminary results suggest that AKP or Justice Development Party has picked up millions of votes at the expense of the nationalist MHP and pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or HDP. AKP’s vote tally jumped nearly nine percentage points. Turnout for the election was pegged at 87% among 54 million persons eligible to vote at more than 175,000 polling stations.

4)   ADAG Reliance Communications has said it will take over which Russian conglomerate’s Indian mobile telephone unit under the MTS brand?

a. Sistema
c. Acron
d. Accounter
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ANSWER: Sistema

ADAG led RCom will take over Russian conglomerate Sistema’s Indian mobile telephony venture operating under the MTS brand. RCom has indicated that SSTL/Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd will hold 10% equity stake in RCom as a result of this deal. RCom will also assume liability to pay instalments for SSTL spectrum equalling INR 392 crore per year for the next decade as part of the deal.

In addition, RCom will acquire SSTL’s most valuable and superior 800/850 MHz band spectrum, suited for 4G LTE services, to supplement its own unique nationwide footprint of minimum 5 MHz contiguous 800/850 MHz spectrum aggregating 148.75 MHz.

5)   Which well known doyen of the Indian two wheeler industry passed away on 1st November 2015?

a. Rahul Bajaj
b. Brijmohan Lal Munjal
c. Brijmohan Lall Munjal
d. O P Munjal
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ANSWER: Brijmohan Lall Munjal

Hero MotoCorp business leader B. L. Munjal passed away at the age of 92 on 1st November 2015 following a brief illness. He is survived by 3 sons and 1 daughter. Hero Group came into being in the 1950s. Munjal was born in 1923 at Kamalia, Pakistan. He was chairman emeritus of the USD 4 billion group since earlier this year and remained on BoD as non executive member. He was also a Padma Bhushan awardee.

6)   Which country is set to be the largest producer of cotton in the world in 2015-2016 according to a USDA report?

a. China
b. India
c. Pakistan
d. Bangladesh
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India is the largest cotton producer in the world in the present financial year, according to USDA reports (United States Department of Agriculture). Cotton output in all major producing countries in the year except India was earlier expected to be lower than previous season. According to Southern India Mills Association, China will be vacating the position as the world’s largest cotton producer to India. Cotton production in China and the US has been estimated to have fallen by 13.3 and 17.7 percent as compared to the previous year. USDA reports India has estimated production of 370 lakh bales making it the largest cotton producing nation in the world.

7)   India has successfully test fired which Supersonic Cruise Missile from INS Kochi off the west coast?

a. BrahMos
b. Agn
c. Shaheen
d. None of the above
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India has test fired BrahMos Supersonis Cruise Missile from INS Kochi off the west coast on 1st November 2015 in a 49th test firing and it successfully destroyed target ship Alleppey which was stationed 290 km away, the missile’s full range. INS Kochi is the latest stealth destroyer of the nation. It was inducted into the navy in September 2015. This ship can carry a total of 16 BrahMos Missiles. This missile is the first supersonic cruise version known to be in service and can carry conventional and nuclear warhead of 300 kg. It can be launched from land, sea, sub sea and air.

8)   Which book has recently been launched by the President of India on 2nd November 2015, and is authored by O.P. Jindal Global University as well as the International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building?

a. President of India
b. Governance of Higher Education Institutions
c. The President of India and the Governance of Higher Education Institutions
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: The President of India and the Governance of Higher Education Institutions

The book ‘The President of India and the Governance of Higher Education Institutions’ provides an overview of higher education in India. It has chapters on the role of the Visitor and historical and legal analysis of the position of the Visitor in India. It also showcases President Mukherjee’s initiatives for promoting excellence in higher education and reimagining Indian universities as world class universities by taking rankings seriously. This book also provides fresh insights on nation building.

9)   Which country celebrated its national day on November 3, 2015?

a. Tanzania
b. Ethiopia
c. Panama
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Panama

President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has extended greetings to the people and government of republic of Panama on their national day (3rd November, 2015). The people of Panama are led by president His Excellency Mr. Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez. The two countries India and Panama have cordial bilateral relations.

10)   The National Tribal Crafts Mela was inaugurated in New Delhi on 2nd November 2015. What is it called?

a. Kalashilp
b. Aadashilp
c. Hastashilp
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Aadashilp

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram inaugurated National Tribal Crafts Mela ‘Aadishilp’ in New Delhi which provides tribal artisans an important platform to showcase their talents through their products to urban India. Shri Oram said Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) through its 44 sales counter all over the country is providing much needed marketing system for tribal products. The exhibition was launched by TRIFED at Delhi Haat from November 2 to 11 and features hand crafted items, handloom products, dry flowers, cane and bamboo products, tribal jewellery, Dhokra craft, tribal weaves, embroidery, tribal paintings and products from artisans across the nation.

11)   The International film festival for persons with disabilities will be held for the _____ time from 1st to 3rd December 2015.

a. Second
b. Third
c. Fourth
d. First
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First IFFPD or International Film Festival for Persons with Disabilities will be held in Delhi from December 1st to 3rd, 2015. Festival is organised to sensitise people on issues pertaining to disabilities and showcase cinemas of relevance. Around 40 films comprising 10 feature films, 14 documentaries and 16 short films will be screened during the festival. December 3rd is the International Day for Persons with Disabilities and marks the final day of the festival.

12)   Which e-Commerce giant Flipkart has appointed executive(s) for content and infrastructure on 2nd November 2015?

a. Snapdeal
b. Flipkart
c. Myntra
d. Jabong
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ANSWER: Flipkart

Flipkart has appointed former MakeMyTrip CTO Sharat Singh and Ravi Krishnaswamy as VP of engineering for content and infrastructure respectively. Singh will lead the CMS engineering team which includes data management, quality, development, creation and content relevance. A technical strategy will be driven for content to create better user experience and purchase products on the app. Previous role in MakeMyTrip included development and execution of global technology stratagems and planning of ongoing technology innovations. He also set up a CoE and led product and delivery of engineering systems and automation at Shopzilla as MD India. He had also worked with Microsoft, Nextag. Krishnaswamy will focus on strengthening operations across IaaS and PaaS and understanding challenges pertaining to organisation design and bandwidth. He had earlier worked with Microsoft.

13)   Housing dot com has appointed which executive as the CMO to strengthen top management team?

a. Nikhil Arora
b. Nikhil Rungta
c. Nikhil Sen
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Nikhil Rungta

Housing dot com has appointed Nikhil Rungta as Chief Marketing Officer to strengthen top team management. Prior to this, Rungta worked as a CMO for Google in India and Reliance Jio. He has over 2 decades of experience and started leadership roles in startups like Yebhi and Yatra.

14)   India and which nation have signed agreements in the field of renewable energy and culture on 2nd November 2015?

a. Indonesia
b. Cambodia
c. Malaysia
d. Vietnam
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ANSWER: Indonesia

India and Indonesia have on 2nd November 2015 signed agreements for renewable energy and culture and discussed expanding cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism and defence. These agreements were signed during the visit of Vice President Hamid Ansari to the nation. India and Indonesia have signed an MoU for cooperation in new and renewable energy sector. Both India and Indonesia have made the commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 35 and 29 percent respectively. The country of Indonesia also supported India for organising Sahabat India (a festival of India in Indonesia). Indonesia last week assumed chairmanship of the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

15)   A new website has been launched by which regulatory agency in the MoEF on October 2015?

a. National Clean Energy Development Mechanism Authority
b. National Clean Development Authority
c. National Sustainable Energy Development Authority
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: National Clean Development Authority

A new website has been launched by the National Clean Development Mechanism Authority (NCDMA) in the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. This website will capture the complete life cycle of CDM projects and apply the principles of e-governance. Online uploading of project related information in a module wise pattern will also impact the complete life cycle of CDM projects.This is the first such web based application developed in India to streamline the working of the NCDMA. The latter was launched in December 2003 for Host Country Approval to the CDM projects. New website was developed by GIZ.

16)   Scientists have made which discovery regarding Antarctic snow ice?

a. Increase in snow accumulation that commenced 10,000 years ago is adding ice to outdo increasing loss from thinning glaciers
b. Increase in ice melt has caused glaciers to thin down
c. Increase in snow accumulation is not enough to outdo loss from thinning glaciers
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Increase in snow accumulation that commenced 10,000 years ago is adding ice to outdo increasing loss from thinning glaciers

Increase in Antarctic snow accumulation which commenced 10,000 years ago is adding plenty of ice to the continent. This is outweighing the increased loss from thinning glaciers. Research is a counter view to the IPCC 2013 report which has indicated that Antarctica is losing land ice overall. As per the satellite data analysis, Antarctic ice sheet has displayed net gain of 112 billion tonnes of ice per year from 1992 to 2001. Net gain slowed to 82 billion tonnes of ice per year between 2003 and 2008. Study analysed changes in surface height of the Antarctic ice sheet measured by radar altimeters on 2 SA satellites and laser altimeter on ICESat or NASA’s Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite. Air is becoming warmer and carrying moisture across continents doubling the snow dropped on the ice sheet.

17)   The presidents of which 2 nations  have announced on 2nd November 2015 that a global climate change pact should involve increasing emission cuts every 5 years for countries ?

a. China and Russia
b. China and France
c. China and UK
d. China and US
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ANSWER: China and France

In a key signal 4 weeks prior to world leaders meeting in Paris, both China and France have proposed that global climate change pact should increase emission cuts every 5 years for countries. France has also proposed automatic updating of emission targets in climate deal will be thrashed at a UN conference commencing towards the close of November. China is the world’s largest emitter of GHGs. In a joint declaration, the two presidents declared the intention to release national strategies for developing low carbon economies by 2050 within the next 5 years.

18)   Scientists from Cambridge University have solved issues pertaining to battery that can power a car to drive for long distances on a _________ charge.

a. Single
b. Triple
c. Double
d. Quadruple
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ANSWER: Single

Scientists have made a breakthrough in Cambridge University for solving issues pertaining to the battery that can enable a car to drive from London to Edinburgh on a single charge. The team has overcome obstacles in the development of lithium air batteries which have the ability to store 10 times more energy than lithium ion batteries. Till now, unwanted chemical reactions and problems associated with lithium air batteries had created an issue.

19)   Scientists have located which enzyme as the major culprit of autoimmune diseases on 2nd November 2015?

a. cDAS
b. cGAS
c. cJAS
d. None of the above
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Inhibition of enzyme cGAS will be effective therapy for autoimmune diseases such as SLE and AGS linked to the same inflammatory pathway. The immune system turns against the body rather than protecting it in these diseases. Scientists have said that cGAS enzyme’s activation plays a key role in these diseases. Researchers also found legal autoimmunity as a result of inability to degrade lysosomal DNA through lack of DNA digesting enzyme referred to as DNase-II.

20)   NASA has released pictures of huge formations in which nation to solve the mystery of how these were formed, on 2nd November 2015?

a. Afghanistan
b. Uzbekistan
c. Pakistan
d. Kazakhstan
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ANSWER: Kazakhstan

These huge formations called Steppe Geogylphs are a step towards understanding how early humans lived. There are 260 such designs carved into the ground and made into piles of earth assembling into shapes such as rings, squares and swastika shapes, the oldest of which are 8,000 years old. Patterns were first spotted in 2007. Some speculate a possible link of these patterns to solar observations akin to Stonehenge.

21)   Which internet major is working  with the government on a project for providing internet connectivity through large ballons?

a. Yahoo
b. Microsoft
c. Google
d. Bing
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ANSWER: Google

Internet major Google has worked with the government of India for a pilot project for providing internet connectivity under Project Ballon. Google is using big ballons at the height of 20 km above Earth’s surface for transmission of internet services. This type of technology has also been tested in Brazil, US and New Zealand. According to Google, each balloon can provide connectivity to ground area about 40 km in diameter through wireless communications technology named LTE or 4G.