Oracle real application clusters


Oracle real application clusters

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Oracle real application clusters - June 17, 2010 at 12:30 PM by Babu Kunwar

What is RAC and how is it different from non RAC databases?
Can any application be deployed on RAC? Explain
Explain how to convert a single instance database to RAC
How do we stop and start RAC instances?
Can we test if a database is running in RAC mode? How?
How can we keep track of active instances?
How do we setup SQL*Net for RAC?
Can one see how connections are distributed across the nodes? How?
What is pinging and why is it so bad?

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What is Cache Fusion Technology?

Cache fusion treats multiple buffer caches as one joint global cache.This solves the issues like data consistency internally, without any impact on the application code or design..............

Latches vs Enqueues

Enqueues permit several concurrent processes to have varying degree of sharing of resources. Any object which can be concurrently used, can be protected with enqueues. The enqueue is obtained using an OS.............

Explain the concept of the DUAL table.

On installing Oracle database, DUAL table Is present by default. It is a special table with just one row. It has a single column called DUMMY. The data type of this column in VARCHAR2(1). It has a value “X”..............

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