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Peoplesoft on oracle

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Peoplesoft on oracle - June 17, 2010 at 12:30 PM by Babu Kunwar

What is a PeopleSoft database?
How does the PeopleSoft database interact with the Oracle database?
What is the order of installing PeopleSoft on Oracle?
When installing PeopleSoft on the file server, what are the recommended directory structures?
How can the client workstation connect to a PeopleSoft database?
What is the relationship between PeopleTools tables and the system catalog in Oracle?
What is the sizing of a generic PeopleSoft HRMS database?
Explain how PeopleSoft knows which object is the most current
What is the PSAU database used for?

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What is dump destination? What are bdump, cdump and udump?

Trace files for Oracle processes are stored in dump destination.

Bdump- Oracle writes to the trace log and creates trace files for background processes in background dump destination. If this directory becomes full and more files cannot be written, debugging becomes difficult...............

Oracle Security

Explain the security features in Oracle, What are roles? How can we implement roles?, What is user Account in Oracle database?, What is a trace file and how is it created?, What are Tablespace Quota and default tablespace?............

Oracle database tuning

Automatic Performance Diagnostic and Tuning Features, Automatic Shared Memory Management - Automatic Shared Memory Management puts Oracle in control of allocating memory within the SGA..........

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