What are security join tables?

What are security join tables? Why is it necessary to refresh SJT processes?

PeopleSoft system stores security data in user and transaction Security Join Tables. (SJTs).

User SJTs are:

- SJT_OPR_CLS: Contains the User IDs with their data permission lists.

- SJT_CLASS_ALL: Contains the data permission information for all the data permission lists that are given data access on the ‘Security by Dept Tree’ page or ‘Security by Permission List’ page.

Transaction SJTs are:

- SJT_PERSON: Contains transaction data for the people (employees, contingent workers, Person of Interest). It has row level security attributes (SetID, DeptID etc) for all the employees.

- SJT refresh processes have to be run to keep security data (in user and transaction SJTs) up to date so that the system enforces data permission using the most current information.
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