Your company uses Visual Studio .NET as its application development platform. You create a class library using the .NET Framework. The library will be used to open the NSCs of computers. Later, you will set up the class library to the GAC and provide it Full Trust permission. You write down the following code segments for the socket connections: SocketPermission permission = new SocketPermission(PermissionState.Unrestricted); permission.Assert(); A number of the applications that use the class library may not have the necessary permissions to open the network socket connections. Therefore, you are required to withdraw the assertion. Which of the following code segments will you use to accomplish the task?

- permission.PermitOnly();
- permission.Deny();
- CodeAccessPermission.RevertDeny();
- CodeAccessPermission.RevertAssert();

CORRECT ANSWER : CodeAccessPermission.RevertAssert();

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