Compensation analyst CV sample - CV formats / templates

An effective CV of compensation analyst should highlight following qualities:

1. Eye for details
2. Skilled in building client relations
3. Ability to work in team
4. Ability to solve problems creatively
5. Solution-oriented
6. Excellent presentation skills
7. Good oral and writing communication skills

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  • RE: Compensation analyst CV sample - CV formats / templates -PRATEEK BAJPAI (09/03/12)
  • Compensation analyst CV sample

    Keshav Kapoor
    Contact No. +918568******
    Email ID- ****

    Career Summary

    -A solution and detail oriented manager with an excellent ability of deciding the remuneration package of the employee possessing rich experience of 2 years as a

    Compensation analyst.
    -Excellent in developing procedures and guidelines in regards to compensation programs.
    -Experience in managing the team that can consistently deliver results beyond expectations.
    -Proficient in labor costs, salary analysis and benefits structures.
    -Proficient in conducting salary surveys, examining predictions for market changes in salary ranges, interpreting salary data and performing analysis.

    Personality Traits

    -Unmatched communication skills in verbal and written both.
    -Ability to work in team.
    -Ability to solve problems creatively
    -Solution oriented and excellent presentation skills.

    Computer knowledge

    -Well versed in basic use of computer.
    -Internet savvy

    Key Responsibilities handled

    -Participating in the communication and implementation of various components of company's pay and rewards program as well.
    -Providing guidance on compensation-related issues for the management team of a company.
    -Developing appropriate job descriptions or maintaining human resources website for online access to job descriptions and compensation information.
    -Evaluating existing and proposed jobs and classifying them according to their levels of responsibility.
    -Researching what comparable jobs pay in the marketplace and developing competitive salary and benefit structures.


    -The retention of employees has been increased 10% in 2010-2011.
    -Received award of Best Employee in 2011.
    -Managed a team of 10 employees.


    -Working as Compensation Analyst in GHJ Pvt. Ltd. from Jan 2012- Present.
    -Worked as Compensation Analyst in ASD Company from Nov.2010- Dec2011.


    -MBA in Finance.

    Personal Details

    -Language Known- Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, French
    -Date of Birth- DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address- TYEIEIDD