E Business specialist CV sample - CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an E-business specialist should highlight following qualities:

- Customer focussed
- Ability to find simple solutions
- Knowledge of online buying and selling process
- Knowledge of SEO
- Knowledge of some programming languages

Refer to following Sample CVs :

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  • RE: E Business specialist CV sample - CV formats / templates -Sahana (09/12/12)
  • E-business specialist CV sample

    Pheobe w.x.
    Ph No: 1234567890 Professional with strong e-business concepts and proven track record in generating profits from online business; seeking a position as e-business specialist.


    -Excellent knowledge of online marketing.
    -Well versed with different methodologies relating to e-mail marketing and e-commerce.
    -Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
    -Excellent interpersonal skills.
    -Client relation and management skills.
    -Exceptional team building and leadership skills.
    -Ability to handle any kind of projects.
    -Excellent in training the employees.
    -Vast knowledge of internet tools and technologies.

    Professional Experience:

    Working as E-Business specialist in XYZ networks since 09Aug20XX-till date


    -Coordinate, integrate, and direct the company’s e-commerce websites and services.
    -Test, maintain, and supervise computer programs systems.
    -Coordinate the installation of computer programs and system
    -Assist staff and users with solving computer related problem.
    -Understanding of various web development languages.
    -Understanding what kind of programs to be used for the company.
    -Ensuring smooth work flow with the help of e-commerce.
    -Responsible of planning and implementing web design services.
    -Implement and develop various e-business strategies and ensure the growth of the company.
    - Understand the new technologies and make changes accordingly.

    Personal Traits:

    -Determined and innovative.
    -Consumer focused and practical.
    -Confident and motivated.
    -Willing to learn more things.
    -Flexible and easily adaptable to change.


    -Have implemented many e-commerce services for smooth functioning of business.
    - Appreciated for making work easier in the business.


    -Completed certified course in web technology.
    -MCA from GYX institution.
    -BCA from XYZ College in 19XX.

    Computer skills:

    -Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access.
    -Knowledge of computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.
    -Knowledge of design, development, application of technology for specific purpose.
    -Excellent typing skills.

    Personal Details:

    Date of birth:26th Feb 19XX
    Languages known:English, Kanada, Hindi, Tamil.
    Address: Wax road, oxford cross, B’lore.