Educated Indians lack national commitment.

Every one of us has a set priorities in which education is on the top of the list. After getting high education we need a good job with a good package. We spend our whole life in making and fulfilling a want list. While juggling between all these, we do not have time to think about the country. How can we commit ourselves to the nation then? There are number of people who understand their responsibilities towards the nation and many just don’t care.


- Education opens up many avenues for the people. After getting highly educated most of the Indians desire to go abroad for high salary and luxurious life.
- Our country needs them the most as we are a developing country and need them for development of our country.
- Educated people forget that they will never get the status they would get in their own country.
- Millions of rupees are spent on their education and when it is their time to repay it to their country they go out.
- In India, the number of people is increasing who are emigrating for further studies and settle down there with a good job.
- People who want a hassle free life also plan to go abroad.
- They are busy with their own lives, in making money, making a good career for themselves.

- People go out for better jobs but this doesn’t mean that they are not loyal to their countries.
- They are making their country proud by working overseas.
- They are the reason that India could be connected globally and is making significant progress in the global market.
- Most of the Indians transfer their hard earned foreign currency to their banks in India - increasing the flow of foreign capital in the country.
- The educated Indians earning big salaries are the biggest payers of income taxes to the government - contributing to the overall development of country.
- Education makes a person more responsible for himself and for his nation.

The Indians are more committed towards their country and its people. They are very much aware of the situations in which they are living and how they are affecting them and the nation. The coming generation is coming in front to take India to a new level of success. A responsible citizen should not ask what the country has given to me rather he should question himself - what have I given to the country?
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