Executive housekeeper CV sample - executive housekeeper CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an executive housekeeper should highlight following qualities:

1. Honesty
2. Trustworthiness
3. Quick
4. Physical stamina
5. Dependability
6. Confidentiality

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  • RE: Executive housekeeper CV sample - executive housekeeper CV formats / templates -Sahana (09/05/12)
  • Housekeeper executive CV sample

    Rachel V.X
    Ph No:1234567890


    Considering cleanliness and customer satisfaction as first priority, seeking a position of housekeeper executive.

    Skills sets and personal qualities

    -Handle administrative task.
    -Aware of latest housekeeping and laundry technology.
    -Good at making guests feel comfortable
    -Skilled at teaching, supervising and mentoring staff.
    -Skilled motivational leader and an effective communicator.
    -Ability to follow procedure to highlight areas where cleaning standards have not been met.
    -Ability to understand the guests needs and perform accordingly.
    -Pleasing personality

    Professional Experience

    Worked as Executive house keeper in WAKLSJ Hotel from June20XX-till date


    -Maintaining the entire housekeeping work system.
    -Coordinate inspection in the assigned area.
    -Make sure that the entire crew has done their assigned work.
    -Make the guest feel homely.
    -Make sure that all housekeeping and laundry facility is available to the guests.
    -Attend the guests regularly.
    -Design all housekeeping policies and procedures.
    -Maintain safety and hygiene.
    -Schedule for spring cleaning and pest control.
    -Ensure all furniture is clean and marks from glasses are wiped off.
    -Ensure that bath room, kitchen and bed are hygiene.
    -First aid medication if required.
    -Keep informed about new safety and hygiene methods.
    -Perform cleaning duties in case of emergencies.
    -Keep information confidential.


    -Regular appreciation for maintaining cleanliness.
    -Awarded for giving best services to the guests.


    -Diploma course from xyz university.
    -Trained in housekeeping from wyx institution.

    Computer skills

    Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Outlook Express, and Word. Thoroughly trained in hotel management software, and can train employees in same.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth: 26th Feb 19XX
    Languages known: English, Kanada, Hindi, Coorgi, Tamil.
    Address: Wax road, oxford cross, B’lore