Find the correct relation between COP of heat pump and COP of refrigerator.

Which of the following relation between COP of heat pump [COP]H.P.and COP of refrigerator[COP]ref. is correct?

a. [COP]H.P.= [COP]ref. + 1
b. [COP]H.P.= [COP]ref. - 1
c. [COP]H.P. = [COP]ref.
d. None of above

Correct Answer : a. [COP]H.P. = [COP]ref. + 1

Explanation :

Coefficient of performance COP= Desired Effect / Work Input
In heat pump the desired effect is Q1 that is at the source where heat energy is to be transferred. In refrigerator the desired effect is Q2 that is at the sink from where heat is to be extracted. The work input in both conditions is W = (Q1 -Q2 ). Applying these values we will get the relation [COP]H.P. = [COP]ref. + 1
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