Food Service Director CV Sample - Food Service Director CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a food service director should highlight following qualities:

- Ability to multi task
- Stamina
- Flexibility
- Ability to manage the food supplies and equipments
- Good at troubleshooting
- Strong leadership skills
- Effective communication skills

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  • Food service director CV sample

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    Career Objective

    To seek the position of Food Service Director & utilize my knowledge for the prosperity of the hotel industry.

    Core Competencies

    -Good communication skills.
    -Strong leadership skills.
    -Sound knowledge of food & beverages across the globe.
    -Multi-tasking ability.
    -Disciplined & time conscious
    -Flexible with the office duty hours
    -Effective Management skills.

    Work Experience

    Working as a Assistant Food Service Director
    NNK Group of Hotels, NNU. (January 2006 – till date)

    -Drafted a Menu list for the different cuisines.
    -Supervision over the staff to maintain the food quality.
    -Ensured timely service to the customers.
    -Maintenance of the kitchen equipments & tools.
    -Trained the new staff regarding the food standards.
    -Supervised that the food is served in adequate proportions.
    -Guidance to the Hotel management interns regarding their practical curriculum.
    -Assistance to the Food Service Director in preparing the weekly reports.
    -Preparation of the daily expenses report for financial planning.
    -Ensured that the food quality met the nutritional standards.
    -Made a routine check of the food storage.
    -Maintain the food standards as per the Food & Beverages federation norms.

    Worked as a Food Service Manager
    CFR Business Hotels, KIL. (March 2003-December 2005)

    -Ensured that the quality of food served was healthy & good.
    -Supervised that the food is served in adequate proportions.
    -Monitored and analyzed all revenue sources.
    -Maintained the records of all the expenses.
    -Conducted reviews as to whether the food safety regulations are maintained.
    -Maintain relationships with vendors to ensure timely delivery of the goods.
    -Negotiating with the vendors on the price of the goods.
    -Conduct team training sessions.
    -Evaluate the performance of the staff.
    -Ensure compliance with health & safety regulations.

    Worked as a Food Service Supervisor.
    BBD Hotels industry, NUK. (June 2001-February 2003)

    -Analyzing the inventory levels.
    -Asisting the Director in the generation of reports for financial planning.
    -Planned, directed and coordinated all activities of production process.
    -Assisted the Manager in the process of recruitment.
    -Organized a training programme with the culinary staff on international foods
    -Trained the staff on customer services skills


    -Successfully organized a Food Mela of the different Indian Cuisines for the International Guests.
    -Membe of the NNUI Business Hotels.
    -Member of the International Food & Beverages Association.
    -Attended the seminar on International Food & Nutrition Regulations presented by Mr. NIK.

    Educational Qualifications

    -Bachelor's Degree in Hotel & Catering Management from NNY University in the year 2000-2001
    -Diploma in Food & Beverages Certification course from NFR University.

    Personal Credentials

    Address:A-32, C-Wing, Arena Park, MNT.