Health care administrator CV sample - health care administrator CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a health care administrator should highlight following qualities:

- Strong communication skills
- Strong leadership skills
- Good analytical skills
- Ability to motivate others
- Strategic thinking

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  • RE: Health care administrator CV sample - health care administrator CV formats / templates -megha nagpal (09/18/12)
  • Health care administrator CV sample

    Megha xxx
    25, Kamaya Nagar
    New Delhi, 1100777

    Email ID:
    Voice: 98xxxxxxxx


    "Proffesional with strong administrative, planning and interpersonal skills possessing 4 years of rich experience in the health industry,
    seeking a position as health adminstrator with an established hospital."


    ABC Medical Centre, since 20xx- Till date.
    Health Care Advisor.

    Duties& Responsibilities

    - Conducting Exercise.
    - Health Care Advice.
    - Diabetic & Cardio pulmonary Care, Clinical assessment.
    - Biomechanical movement analysis.
    - To identify customer needs and expectations.
    - Build a good relationship with customers.

    Health and Life Sciences, Since 2xxx- 2xxx.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    - Assisting with recruitment, public or alumni relations and marketing activities.
    - Providing administrative support to an academic team of Doctors, Junior Doctors and
    - Drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints
    - Coordinating examination and assessment processes.
    - Maintaining high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course
    Approval procedures.
    - Using information systems and preparing reports and statistics for internal and
    External use.
    - Participating in the development of future Information systems.
    - Contributing to policy and planning.
    - Managing budgets and ensuring financial systems are followed.
    - Purchasing goods and equipment, as required and processing invoices.
    - Supervising staff.
    - Liaising with other administrative staff, academic colleagues and students.

    Asian xxxx Hospital from July 20xx- Apr 20xx

    Duties and Responsibility:

    - Dealing with the tasks of editing, typing, mailing & filling
    - Providing Staff training as required and responded to inquires made by customers.
    - Ensuring that all documents are well- written and presented according to the company
    - Every call was answered in a friendly and professional manner.
    - Supervision and handling Cash.

    Educational qualification

    University of XXX
    MBA (Health care Management = NVQ Level 5)

    -Strategic Health Care Management
    Jan 20xx– Jan 20xx
    - Contemporary issues in Health Care Management

    - Disease Management Intervention Programme for People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary.

    - Disease (COPD) in Hounslow XXX, India.

    xxx Medical University
    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BP
    Nov 20xx – Sep 20xx
    -Anatomy &Physiology
    -Medical Surgery & Pharmacology
    -Exercise Therapy
    -Biomechanics & Massage
    -Clinical Orthopaedics, cardiopulmonary & Neurology
    -Physic in Ortho, cardio, Neurology.

    -EpLXXX for BPPV (Vestibular Neuro)

    School qualifications

    Higher Secondary Education (June xx- April xx )
    -BiologyJune xx- April xx
    -Botany & Zoology
    -Physics & Chemistry & Maths.

    Additional skills

    Computer Literacy
    Proficiency in MS-Office,(Word, Excel, Access)

    English, Hindi, xxx

    Interests and Activities

    Reading Books, Singing, Listening to music

    Training courses

    - Manual Handling Cardio
    – Pulmonary resuscitation
    - SOVA Training
    - Fire &Safety
    - Dementia care
    - Food & Hygiene
    - Medication Management

    Personal Dossier

    Date of Birth: 0x/08/xx
    Nationality: Indian
    Father Name: Mr. xxx
    Maritial Status: Single

    References:Upon Request