Music Director CV Sample - Music Director CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a food service director should highlight following qualities:

- Originality
- Passion
- Creativity
- Can visualize the finished product
- Open minded but focussed
- Flexibility
- Believes the team
- Easy to work with
- Good communication skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills

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  • RE: Music Director CV Sample - Music Director CV formats / templates -Rajvardhan Rane (08/31/12)
  • Music director cv sample

    Email: Swa***
    Telephone: +91 9954******

    Career summary

    10 years of experience in music industry and oriented towards excellence in music education with knowledge of techniques required to compose, produce, and perform

    works of music, dance, visual arts, drama, and sculpture.

    Skill sets

    -Passion for music
    -Creative and talented
    -Lyricist and composer
    -Excellent interpersonal skills
    -Innovative and confident
    -Team player
    -Good management and organizational skills

    Key responsibilities handled

    -Establish contacts for wide range of music genres supply to different locations and stations
    -Maintaining music library database.
    -Maintaining equipped music office
    -Provide training to all Music Department members
    -Negotiating contract and printing programs materials for promotion
    -Making report and presenting it to the Executive Committee as and when required
    -Meeting composers to discuss about the projects and worked assigned to them.
    -Selecting performers for musical
    -Planned and scheduled rehearsals and performances, and deciding locations, accompanist and instruments for the same
    -Using synthesizers and computers to experiment with musical sounds.
    -Planning and organizing fund-raising and promotional activities.
    -Other responsibilities like arranging tours and concerts with different musicians and bands
    -Duo composing of songs with various music variances
    -Performed tasks such as developing budgets, negotiating contracts, and designing and printing program.
    -Transcribed musical compositions and melodic lines to adapt them to a particular group
    -Creating particular musical style for different films


    -ABC entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


    -Won 4 Best Music Director Award for 4 consecutive years
    -Given music to 100 films
    -XYZ government prestigious award for as music director
    -Affiliated with National Music Educators National Conference (MENC)

    Academic qualification

    -Masters in Musical Direction from BA university of Music
    -Bachelor of Musical Arts from BA university

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth : 11.9.19XX
    -Languages Know : English, Hindi, Marathi
    -Address :H east, Plot 2*, Ghatkopar, Mumbai (E)