Security contractor CV sample - security contractor CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a security contractor should highlight following qualities:

1. Certificate justifying the credibility
2. Equipments
3. Physical strength
4. Presence of mind
5. Willingness to be in risk scenarios
6. Honesty
7. Integrity

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  • Security contractor CV sample

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    Email Id:

    Career Objective

    “Seeking an Innovative and challenging opportunity in hi tech and corporate environment, for my excellent career prospects as a security contractor with leading security organization.”

    Career Summary

    -Having more than xx years of enriched experience in security for providing people on the contract basis for the security of commercial as well as residential buildings.
    -Posses’ Smart appearance with a clear speaking voice.
    -Proven organizational skills.
    -Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
    -Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills.
    -Able to operate independently with minimal supervision.
    -Posses Supervisory and instructional ability

    Professional Experience

    -Currently working as a Sole proprietor for my own business, since April 20xx- Till Date.
    -Worked with XYZ Private Limited as Security contractor from January 20xx- December 20xx.
    -Worked with XYZ Private Consultants as Security Supervisor from March 20xx – April 20xx.


    -Developing security related policies and procedures according to the regulations and policies including classification and declassification guides, logging, receiving, protecting, controlling and destroying classifieds material containing SCI, secrete, and top secrete material.
    -Quarterly refresher training.
    -Initial OPSEC and COMSEC briefing.
    -Foreign travel briefings on an as-needed basis.
    -Termination briefings.
    -Provided technical assistance and support to client as needed.
    -Provided a visible onsite security presence.
    -Completed and kept up-to-date report book and all relevant paperwork.
    -Communicated with Control centre or customer regarding any incident.
    -Processed civil recovery in case of a detainment of a member of the public.
    -Resolved a conflict situation by dealing with hostile members of the public.
    -Monitored and patrolled whole building and its premises.
    -Completed fire and health safety checks.
    -Communicated with internal clients

    Education Qualification

    -Graduate BA from XYZ University, 20xx.
    -Higher Secondary from XYZ Board, 19xx.
    -Senior Secondary from XYZ Board, 19xx.

    Core Skills

    -Operating System : Windows’98, 2000, XP (Pro.), 2003, Vista.
    -Office Automation: Office-2000, 2003, 2007 (Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-PowerPoint).
    -Internet : E-mail, Surfing, Chatting, Downloading

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 08/07/19xx
    -Language Known: Spoken English, Hindi.
    -Address: XYZ