The medium of teaching in schools should be English.

English is the language of computers, conversation, and business and most importantly, the language, the world speaks. The bottom line is that teaching English to kids is vital for their future and their growth and for that we need to start now.

- If it is not, the students will find it hard to move around and settle in other states and countries.
- It enhances the chances of success globally by adding value to one’s personality.
- English being a universal language is spoken in every city and part of the world.
- It drives business across the world. It is a language of processing and understanding.
- It is a great asset when competing for business from other countries.
- Lack of fluency in English can be a huge hindrance in the future.
- Ability to Indians to communicate fluently in English is one of the major reasons of IT being such a successful industry in India.


- Language is a direct connection to culture, making English the medium of education would deteriorate this culture.
- Learning in your mother tongue is the easiest way of understanding and expressing.
- Freedom of speech doesn’t allow English to become the official teaching language in schools.
- Language should not be barrier in one’s progress.
- Learning multiple languages not only maintains diversity but also forms a sense of respect for the language spoken.

There can be innumerable reasons for English to become the medium of teaching in schools. English being beneficial increases one’s chances of success as there are more opportunities. But importance of the mother tongue can’t be denied; rather conscious effort must be made to ensure that it is not marginalized.
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