The pursuit of excellence

The pursuit of excellence


Are you sure that the life you are living is best? Are you utilizing your talents and abilities to the fullest? Are you making the efforts that can convert your dreams into reality? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is No, then you need to walk on the path of pursuit for excellence. When you don’t settle for anything less, it is at that time you are walking on the path of excellence.

Excellence is not about perfection as perfection is just a hallucination. Excellence is about not settling for mediocrity. It is about giving more meaning to life. The heart gets the ultimate satisfaction, and the world all around seems much better place to live in. With the pursuit of excellence, professionals approach much nearer to their objectives. All the actions in life seem easy when you put your next step ahead in life with excellence.

Know what you want out of your life

Before you even start walking on any path, it is necessary to analyze what you want out of your life. Make your thought process clear and introspect the inner self. Come at practical terms with your objectives. Involve in the process of self-perception. Look around and mend all the relationships whether they are personal or professional.

Have a conflict with your inner self. Question yourself with everything that starts with If and discover the answers. Demolish all the barriers that stand between you and your dreams. Create a network that will help you to pursue your dreams. Once you are clear with your life purpose, you can travel to the farthest places that you have never imagined. The pursuit of excellence is the shortest path between your dreams and reality.

The objective of the Pursuit of Excellence

Coming to the main goal of the pursuit of the excellence, it is nothing but to be happy with your actions and its results. It prepares the person to tackle with all the problems that come in his way. The excellence reflects in everything whether it is the laughter, the dialogues, the actions, the experience or then just the simple practice of becoming a better person. It allows you to discover the ability within.

Most of the people possess the special skills and abilities. However, they are unaware of their hidden potential. The pursuit of excellence makes them realize their real worth. The context shift takes places. The person understands the difference between what is achieved and what is missing? People start to make changes as per the requirement. They start being with the people who genuinely want them to win.

The start of the change

The pursuit of excellence is the first step towards change. People come to know their objectives of life and the various ways through which they can achieve it. They start accepting the change from which they were running before. They embrace the change without any stress to yield better results. Their response to the situations changes as they are in better control of their thoughts and actions. The pursuit of excellence defines your leadership style.

Time to challenge your barriers

No person is free from barriers. Some are restricted by financial barriers; some are stopped by psychological barriers, some by physical barriers and some by religious barriers. Until and unless people don’t come out of the shackles they cannot achieve the freedom. These shackles also exist in the form of self-doubt or fear. When people don’t have the confidence, they don’t want to try anything different. They are afraid to take a more progressive path.

The pursuit to excellence gives the courage to overcome the fears. They get the courage to see through the self-limiting judgment. The young, the old, the people lacking time and other resources come at par with the impenetrable walls and get the tools to pave the way out of the walls.


Dare to know your potential! Whether you are a sportsperson, a professional or just a worker, you have got that caliber to make high-quality satisfactory living as per your wish. Get a positive outlook towards life, seek the courage to overcome your fears and perform the tasks with complete commitment to achieve the new success. It is about the personal as well as professional satisfaction. The pursuit of excellence will make you clear spearheaded in your thoughts and actions. Identify goals and transform the actions into results. Get the hold of things that drive you. Challenge your past limitations because for the believers, only sky can be the limit!
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  • RE: The pursuit of excellence -Tuanu kiaka marvel (09/06/14)
  • How can i work on my self so that i be more greater?
  • RE: The pursuit of excellence -Hemant Sharma (08/09/14)
  • Does the word excellence ring a bell in your mind? Do you not want to achieve it? There would be a stage in life when a person decides that the meaning of his life is more than just counting numbers. It is then that they must make a decision as to what is their goal in life. The choices made by a person will define his entire life. It is a choice which would lead to immense amount of responsibility.

    The climb made on the mountain is tough but the view from the top is great. Similarly, to be the best at any field requires great dedication and commitment. One should be ready to face any challenges and obstacles that might be thrown at them at any point of time. At some point of time in life there comes a time, when a person is amazed to discover the hidden talent for a particular trait or a fascination in how something is done. The trait can be different, business, arts, science or any other aspect of life. Every human being has a talent or interest which would coincide with the above mentioned traits. The natural skill of running, for example, enhances the chances of being a good athlete.

    There are many people who mix their interest, trying to find what best suits them, the one which will eventually lead to excellence. Unfortunately, ability doesn’t guarantee success. It doesn’t mean that a person with ability will be able to be great in years ahead. On the other hand, a lack of talent can be turned around if the desire to be the best is powerful enough. So, overall it’s the will that drives us to our desired goal. Thus, we should keep trying at being best because eventually that will act as a catalyst and will drive the best out of us.

    It might be a harsh truth but the fact remains unchanged that ambition, and even rare talent, are not enough to get to excellence in any field. Passion is both a virtue as well as an imperfection. It can lead to great but it can blind a person to their shortcomings as well. Being persistent is good but in the face of ability which is simply not growing or developing is a waste and by no means is admirable. The two most important factors that should work hand in hand for excellence is, skill with interest in any desired field.

    The thing with greatness is that it will keep on exchanging hands. There should be a ever growing hunger to be the best. But at the same time we need to understand that the ‘best’ is evolving. To be the best athlete, he/she may have worked to the point where the world is in awe. As we all know things keep changing, the departure of old brings in new. That amazing athlete will very likely get stiff competition from his opponents, or be introduced to something new which is beyond his current set of skills. Thus, there are always new challenges and obstacles that would need to be faced and to be conquered to stay at the top.

    Excellence is nothing but the ladder which one makes with his supreme achievements. The best simply becomes a thing to be surpassed again. There is no halt or end of the road, for excellence in any field and that is the sad truth that one must accept. A person can set a standard of what’s best but to stay at the very top, untouched motivation and commitment is a must. It’s like a mountain which everyone will try to climb but only those with will of iron will succeed.