We need more management schools than primary schools.

- Education in primary schools is limited to basic education and they do not guarantee employment.
- Management schools bestow students with vast knowledge and different variety of education that increases their chances of getting employed.
- It’s like a vocational course which polishes their communicating skills and prepares them for future.
- Management schools impart skills as most of the course is done through a practical experience that helps one in real life scenarios.
- The educational methodology is based on an innovative and pioneering system.

- Primary schools impart the education which is compulsory without which no further studies is possible.
- Although the constitution bestows every student with right to education, primary education empowers people.
- Primary schools are cheap and they prepare one for a better and resourceful education.

Management schools are a must in a country as it pays more heed to students by honing their skills and making them competitive globally. They generally motivate critical thinking, making a student strong and capable of self employment but primary schools ensure that the whole population is literate making the nation grow as a whole.

Primary education must be compulsory with management education being available to those who aspire to study more.
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