20 XSL interview questions and answers


XSL interview questions and answers

1.What is the function of XSL?
2.What are the steps required to make XSL work?
3.What is the information contained inside the XML file?
4.What is the use of Stylesheet in XSL?
5.What are the rules defined for the use of FX element?
6.What is the use of rendering in XSL?
7.What is the difference between XSL and CSS?
8.Why XSL won’t replace CSS?
9.What is the difference between XSL and DSSSL?
10.What are the steps required to render all the XML documents to HTML on server?
11.What is the main focus of XSL?
12.What are the ways to add styles to HTML? - XSL
13.How is XSL used for XML?
14.What are the different types of parts used in XSL?
15.How does stylesheet effects the overall template? - XSL
16.What are the parts in which template gets defined? - XSL
17.Write a program that shows the elements of the stylesheets? - XSL
18.Why XML language uses axl:version in the code? - XSL
19.What is the function of qualified names? - XSL
20.What is the function of keys in XSL?

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