Gathering and Analyzing Information


Gathering and analyzing information

Gathering and analyzing information related questions      


What is the difference between the interviewing and focus-group techniques of gathering information?

Gathering information from an individual focuses all the attention on the individual. On the other hand, focus-group technique concentrates on a group where each member has a limited amount of time...............
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When should you use for prototyping instead of shadowing to gather information?

Prototyping should be used when the requirements are not concrete. This is because prototyping involves receiving feedback from end users. If time and cost is a constraint, prototyping is suitable................
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What is an actors catalog?

Actors catalog collects all the actors’ information and definitions in one artifact. An actor may perform many different functions or play many different roles in a system................
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What is ORM?

Object role modeling is a method to design and query a database at a concept level. At this level, the requirements are available at a non technical level, understandable to a naive user..............
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What is the purpose of a usage scenario?

A usage scenario gives a feeling of the real world example. It helps to realize how the interaction will take place between the user and the system. Detail descriptions of the steps, actions.............  
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What is Unit testing? What is Assembly testing?What is Regression testing? What is System Testing?

Answer - Unit testing, also called Component testing is performed by programmers to test that a specified unit of the program meets the expected output when a particular input is....

Explain the phases of software project.

Answer - The different phases of software projects are follows:.....

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What is Boundary value Analysis?
What is Equivalence Partitioning?
Explain Random testing.
What is Monkey testing?

What is the difference between Scalability testing and load testing?

Load testing aims to find out how well can the systems react when subjected to load.......

What is security testing and smoke testing?

Security testing involves testing which ensures that the data is secured. It aims to ensure that the data is confidential......

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