Designing Security Specifications


Designing security specifications

Designing security specifications related questions    


What are some of the principles of secure coding?

Principles of Secure coding:- 1. Principle of least Privilege: - Give the least of privileges to the users. Necessary permissions should be given depending on the nature of the role................
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What is the STRIDE model?

STRIDE model is used to categorize security threats. Each letter in the STRIDE model has a meaning. S- Spoofing Identity: - Most common form of threat. Impersonating someone by trying to use the user name and password...................
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What is code-access security?

Code access security prevents systems from the code being accessed from unknown origins. It helps prevent trusted code from intentionally or accidentally compromising security..................
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What is role-based security?

Role based security allows access to be given to the system based on Roles. Usually, users with a small role have fewer privileges...............
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How does WinRunner evaluate test results?

Once the test is executed, a report of the results is displayed by WinRunner.......

What is the purpose of loading WinRunner Add-Ins?

Add-Ins can be used to load add-in specific functions in memory. WinRunner throws an error during execution......

Automated Testing Questions

Explain how to perform load-testing.
What is Table-Driven testing?

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What is TPA Analysis?
Explain function points.
Explain the concept of Application Boundary

What is Fish Bone Diagram? Or Explain Ishikawa Diagram.

Answer - Fish Bone Diagram is also called Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram.......

What is Black box testing? What is White box testing? 

Answer - White box testing is done to test the accuracy of logic and code of the program. It is done by programmers......

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