20 btrieve interview questions and answers


Btrieve interview questions and answers

1. Explain Btrieve architecture.
2.Explain File sharing, system and user transaction in Btrieve.
3.Explain error codes of Btrieve.
4.Explain the features available in Btrieve Commander.
5.Explain about DDF Editor for Btrieve.
6.How to convert a bunch of .btr and .lck files to a readable SQL?
7.How do I run Btrieve on SFT III server?
8.If an application runs twenty-four hours a day, how to perform a backup in Betrieve?
9.Is it necessary to load Brequest if one wants to access the Btrieve NLM from the Windows environment?
10.What is a status 1015 in Betrieve?
11.Why does Btrieve return a status 22, if one perform a Stat operation, even though the maximum number of key spec buffers (24) are allocated?
12.Can a supplemental index be created through Btrieve or NetWare SQL at the time that the Btrieve file is created?
13.How can I define a C long integer as a key in Btrieve, when there is no long data type?
14.Can BREBUILD rebuild Btrieve files created in the Btrieve v3.x format, or is it needed to run another upgrade utility first?
15.After upgrading to NetWare v3.11 and the NetWare Btrieve NLM v5.15, Btrieve is running slower than expected. What's the solution?
16.When I run the NetWare Btrieve v5.15 NLM with some applications on NetWare v3.11, retrieved Btrieve data is incorrect. What should I do?
17.NetWare Btrieve NLM v6.0, BTRMON and NDBMON show files as opened by a different user than the one that originally opened the files and I can't back up or close those files. Why?
18.How to create Data Definition Files (.DDF) files to work with third-party products that requires them?
19.What happens when you use NetWare Btrieve v6.x to access a Btrieve file that was created in the v5.x file format?
20.How can someone determine whether a Btrieve file is stored in 5.x or 6.x format?

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