International Polity - Current Affairs for September, 2015

International Polity Current Affairs for September, 2015

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▼ Indo Africa ICT Expo launched by GoI   [09-30-15]

GoI is launching close to 100 technology companies at the 1st Indo-Africa ICT Expo in KICC, Nairobi. This event was attended by 300 conference delegates and 2000 visitors. TEPC was set up by government to promote development and export of Telecom Equipment and Services. Council covers all aspects of the Telecom Ecosystem such as Hardware Manufacturing, Telecom Service Provision, Telecom Software, and Consultancy.

ICT Authority of Kenya is a state owned corporation under the aegis of the Ministry of ICT in Kenya. It was established in August 2013 to streamline the management of ICT functions of Government of Kenya.

▼ Nepal enforces Vehicle Norms fearing fuel shortage    [09-29-15]

Nepal has enforced the odd even license plate system whereby drivers can only ply on alternate days based on whether license plates are ending in odd or even numbers. This move is on account of feared fuel shortage. As Madhesi protestors have blocked the Indo Nepal border trade route since 24th September 2015, the government took this action. The protestors want amendments to the new Nepalese constitution adopted on 20th September 2015. The bridge at Birgunj, which serves as a key centre of oil and food imports, has been blocked by the protestors.

▼ Indian naval ship INS Trikand entered Toulon for a 3 day visit on 26th September 2015   [09-28-15]

As part of India’s overseas deployment to West Asia, Africa and Europe, INS Trikand entered Toulon on 26th September 2015 for a three day visit. The ship will engage extensively with the French Navy during its stay in the country apart from sports and social engagements. India and French Navies will also jointly perform the maritime exercises called VARUNA which form the basis of maritime engagement between the two nations. India and France established strategic partnership in the year 1998. India and France are also collaborating in the Scorpene submarine programme, under which six submarines are being built in India with French assistance. INS Trikand commanded by Captn. Vinay Kalia is a warship with weapons and sensors capable of detecting air, surface and sub-surface threats.

▼ Three Indian Americans appointed by President Obama to advisory council   [09-26-15]

Preeta Bansal, Nipun Mehtal and Jasjit Singh along with 14 others have been named for inclusion in faith based neighbourhood partnership advisory council by American President Barack Obama. The advisory council aims to bring together religious and secular leaders in faith based networks and neighbourhood organisations. Bansal is an MIT lecturer and President of NPO Social Emergence Corporation as well as erstwhile Solicitor General of NY state. Mehta is the founder of NPO Service Space and he was a software engineer at Sun Microsystems prior to this. he is also a member of Advisory Circle of the Seva Foundation, the International Advisory Council of the Dalai Lama Foundation, and the Advisory Board of the Greater Good Science Centre. Singh is the ED of SALDEF (Sikh American Legal Defence and Education Fund) and founder of Sikh Student Association at Illinois university.

▼ India & Cambodia agree to promote bilateral tourism   [09-23-15]

The Union Cabinet gave approval for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Cambodia for cooperation in the field of tourism, promoting bilateral tourism between the two countries. Main objectives of the agreement are as follows:

The main objectives of this Agreement are:

i. Expansion of bilateral cooperation in the tourism sector.

ii. Exchange of information and data related to tourism.

iii. Encouraging Cooperation between tourism stakeholders including hotels and tour operators.

iv. Establishing exchange of programmes for cooperation in Human Resources Development.

v. Investment in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

vi. Exchange of visits of tour operators/media/opinion makers for promotion of two way tourism.

vii. Exchange of experience in areas of promotion, marketing, destination development and management.

viii. Participation in travel fairs/exhibitions in each other’s country.

ix. Promoting safe, honourable and sustainable tourism.

India has also extended ETV facilities (electronic tourist visa) for Cambodian Nationals

▼ NYT banned in Thailand for a day   [09-23-15]

Local printer of International NYT has not published 22nd September’s edition in Thailand because of sensitive information regarding the royal family. The article in the issue discussed the declining health of 87 year old King Bhumibol Adulyadej published on front page of the Asia editions . Strict lese majeste laws have made criticism of the royal family punishable by close to a decade and half in prison. There have been significant increase in convictions in respect of this law since military seized power from civilian government in May 2014.

▼ India recalled Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Ranjit Rae following violence   [09-22-15]

India has expressed concerns over spillover in violence in districts of Bihar following protests and demonstrations at the newly launched secular constitution in Nepal. Kathmandu has decided to adopt the constitution despite India’s advice to the contrary. India Ambassador Ranjit Raw has been called back for consultations on the constitution associated violence. Following the launch of the secular constitution, there have been clashes between Madhesi protesters and Nepali forces, as well as the impact on Indian transporters who have been stuck at the Biratnagar integrated border checkpost because of the violence. Since 2007, when the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) had first signed on to the Constitution-building process, India has been a key influence, even playing guarantor for many of the parties. Rights of Madhesis however were not protected despite assurances to India.

▼ China and Pakistan sign agreement on secrecy of PAC JF-17   [09-22-15]

China and Pakistan have formed an agreement to keep technology secrets of the PAC JF-17 combat aircraft from India and the US. This jet has been jointly developed by the two countries. JF-17 Thunder multi-role combat aircraft is superior to F-16 of the US, it said. Chinese engineers are searching for ways to lighten the weight and streamline the aircraft. One new advancement is pairing an RD-93 engine with a so-called divergent supersonic air intake which is said to be lighter, easier to maintain and minimizes the JF-17's already low radar signature. Minhas No. 2 squadron of the Pakistan Air Force has recently inducted a new and improved configuration of the jet called the Block II variation.

▼ Alexis Tsipras Sworn in as Greek PM for second time   [09-22-15]

Alexis Tsipras took oath as the Greek PM following a decisive victory in the Greek early national elections for his left wing Syriza party. Earlier, Tsipras had served as PM between January and August 2015 and at 41, he dominates Greek Politics. He will renew his pro-European coalition with the small, right-wing populist Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, which beat opinion polls to clear the three per cent threshold required for representation in parliament. The new government will have a small majority of just five seats, but, as per Tsipras, is aiming to see out a four-year mandate.

▼ Japanese Diet votes for major defence policy shift, allows troops to fight overseas.   [09-21-15]

Japanese Parliament has voted into law a defence policy shift which could permit its troops to fight overseas for the first time since 1945. This shift which is the biggest change in the defence policy of Japan since creation of post war military in 1954 is critical to meet new challenges, especially from China. Legislation has triggered protests from citizens who fear it could ensnare the Japanese troops in global violence. Bills promoting the law were approved by the lower and upper house of the Japanese parliament, despite opposition efforts to block vote submitting censure motions and no confidence motion against the cabinet of Shinzo Abe in the lower house. Long standing ban on collective self defence is to be removed via this law.

▼ Croatia wards off illegal immigrants    [09-20-15]

Balkan nation of Croatia on 18th September 2015 has become the latest hotspot in the 1000 m plus exodus towards West Europe. This follows the sealing off of the borders of Hungary with a razor fence and arrangements to keep illegal migrants out. Croatia has clarified that it meant a corridor from Tovarnik to Zagreb when it indicated corridors are prepared for migrants. Croatia has announced it will not led refugees head north to Slovenia, part of the EU schengen zone of border free travelling.

▼ Coup takes place in Burkina Faso   [09-20-15]

Burkina Faso’s military announced through the airwaves that it now controls the nation, confirming a coup weeks before the election. Statement said transitional government was dissolved and interim president had lost his powers. Coup leaders identified themselves as National Council for Democract and communique read by Lt Col Mamadou Bamba Bamba on 17th September announced the beginning of a “coherent, fair and equitable process'' that would lead to inclusive elections. This coup is in violation of the constitution of the West African nation.

▼ Nepal to be divided into 7 federal provinces.   [09-18-15]

Nepalese Parliament has passed a new national constitution after reaching a historic agreement for creating a federal state. Long delayed bill for the same has been passed with 507 out of a total of 598 voting in favour for it. The marathon voting follows protests from the south. New charter will replace interim constitution in place since close of 10 year civil war that caused the abolition of monarchy. The new charter will come into force w.e.f 20th September 2015.

▼ Hungary has declared a state of crisis across its border with Serbia   [09-17-15]

Hungary has declared a state of crisis across its border with Serbia on 15th September , detaining around 155 migrants and threatening prosecution of illegal migrants. On midnight, 15th September 2015, migrants who tried to break the 109 mile fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia faced the possibility of arrest and criminal charges. Hungary will also set up a transit zone across the border with Serbia only allowing those applying for asylum to enter. Hungary has received 48 asylum applications so far. Hungary will also be extending the fence to border with Romania. This is againts the EU schengen free zone regulations. 28 nation bloc has failed to come up with united immigration policy recently at Brussels.

▼ India and Sri Lanka exchanged 4 agreements in various fields including medicare facilities   [09-17-15]

India and Sri Lanka on 15 September 2015 exchanged four agreements in various fields including medicare facilities an aim to ensure peace and stability in the region.

These were exchanged during the visit of PM of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe to India from 14 September to 16 September 2015.The Four agreements exchanged between the two sides were as follows:

• Exchange of letters on orbit frequency coordination of satellite for SAARC region
• Exchange of MoU regarding supply of medical equipment to 200 bed ward complex at district hospital, Vavuniya
• Exchange of letters on establishment of emergency ambulance services in Sri Lanka
• Exchange of MoU regarding renewed India’s grant assistance for implementation of SDP

The two sides also discussed issues such as fishermen’s straying in waters of the nations and the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.

▼ Austria and Slovakia have announced the reinstatement of border controls   [09-16-15]

Austria and Slovakia have announced the reinstatement of border controls to cope with refugees in a move echoing Germany. Berlin’s move struck at the EU passport free Schengen zone precipitating the crisis in Brussels. Austria has indicated it would deploy control of influx trying to leave Hungary as they tried to enter the Germany Austria border. Germany has admitted that this is Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since WWII with millions leaving Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

▼ Pentagon establishes first ever country special cell with India   [09-16-15]

Pentagon has established first ever country special cell to boost defense ties with India and produce hi tech military equipment in the country. The Indian Rapid Reaction Cell is headed by Keith Webster, director, International Cooperation Office of the Under Secretary of Defence for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. It was established after Ashton Carter took charge and India is the only country to have a specific cell of its kind inside the Pentagon. Currently, 7 persons are working on this cell. Purpose of the cell is to boost initiatives under Indo-US DTTI.

▼ Malcolm Turnbull replaces Tony Abbott in an internal poll   [09-15-15]

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott lost a leadership ballot through members of his own party in a vote 54 Yes to 44 No to replace him. Party whip Scott Buchholz announced that Liberal Party leader and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull will replace Tony Abbott. Turnbull called for a leadership poll following an opinion survey which called for changes to the conservative coalition government.

▼ 5 Star Movement wins 25% vote in Italy   [09-14-15]

The 5 Star movement/Movimento Cinque Stelle or M5S was founded six years ago by 67 year old maverick comedian Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio, a web strategist, on 4 October 2009. It gave way for the rise of anti-system parties across EU including Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece. The leader and candidate for 2018 elections will be chosen by ballot of online nature conducted among the members of this movement. In the European Parliament the M5S is under the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group. Its slogan is “One is worth one” and its headquarters are in Genoa.

▼ Egyptian cabinet submits resignation.   [09-14-15]

Egyptian PM Ibrahim Mehleb submitted the resignation of the Cabinet on 12th September 2015. It was accepted by President al-Sisi. Cabinet will remain in caretaker role till fresh Cabinet is formed. Minister of petroleum, Sherif Ismail has been appointed to form a new government within a week. Minister of agriculture, Salah Helal, resigned and was taken into custody for corruption charges and the resignation of the Cabinet follows this.

▼ Jeremy Corbyn elected as leader of British opposition Labour Party.   [09-14-15]

Left wing leader and veteran Jeremy Corbyn who has voted against his party many times became the leader of the British opposition Labour Party making the EU exit for the UK more likely. His two main contenders are Blair loyalist Liz Kendall along with Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham.

▼ Government exempts Bangladeshi & Pakistani nationals entering India before December 31, 2014   [09-10-15]

GoI has decided to exempt Pakistani and Bangladeshi nations of minority communities who have entered into the country without proper or with expired documents on or before December 31, 2014. Decision was notified in the official gazette and taken under Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 and Foreigners Act, 1946. The decision was made on humanitarian grounds. Several steps for issuance of long term visa for refugees has been initiated since Modi government came to power.

▼ National Reform Council rejects new Thai constitution   [09-9-15]

Thai junta formed the National Reform Council for assessing the suitability of the draft new constitution. The National Reform Council has rejected the new constitution with 105 in favour, 135 against and 7 abstentions. This is a major obstacle for the establishment of democracy in Thailand.

▼ Austria & Germany opened borders to exhausted refugees.   [09-7-15]

On 5th Sep’15 both Germany and Austria threw open their borders to thousands of refugees as after days of confrontation and chaos. Highest number of migrants is from war-ravaged Syria followed by Eritrea and Afghanistan.

▼  Indian Naval Ships – INS Deepak, INS Delhi, INS Tabar & INS Trishul entered Dubai.   [09-7-15]

Indian Naval Ships Deepak, Delhi, Tabar and Trishul entered Dubai and shall remain there till 08 Sep 15. The ships are part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet based at Mumbai and are on a long-range deployment to the Persian Gulf to enhance bilateral ties with friendly regional navies. The involvement of Indian Naval ships in combating piracy off the coast of Somalia since October 2008 has further strengthened bilateral ties and interaction with navies in the region.