20 GIF animation interview questions and answers


GIF Animation interview questions and answers

1. What is Graphic Interchange Format?
2.What is Simulation? - GIF.
3.What is animation? - GIF.
4.Name the compression technique used by GIF image format.
5.What is Ambient occlusion? - GIF
6.Compare PNG and GIF.
7.Explain about Beneton Movie GIF that creates animated images.
8.How to optimize an animated GIF?
9.Differentiate between Animation and Video - GIF
10.What is Persistence of Vision? - GIF
11.What is the reason to use MGF file to convert imported images into bitmaps? - GIF
12.What is the file structure of GIF?
13.What is the purpose of Global Color Table? - GIF
14.What is interlacing? - GIF
15.What are the alternatives to GIF?
16.What is XAML?
17.Explain about the Logical Screen Descriptor of GIF files.
18.What is Logical Screen Descriptor? - GIF
19.What are known as Image Blocks? - GIF
20.What are the benefits & limitations of GIF89a animations?

1. What is full form of GIF? Name the organization behind its development.
2. What kind of image container is GIF? How is it different from other image containers?
3. What is an animation?
4. How many bits do a GIF image uses to store a pixel value?
5. Is GIF a good format for storing real life photographs?
6. Name the compression technique used by GIF image format. Is it lossless or lossy data compression?
7. What is the basic principle involved in gif animations?
8. Compare PNG with GIF.
9. Name few of the tools that can be used to create animated gif images.
10. How to optimize an animated gif?
11. What do you mean by Rigging? Is it possible to achieve rigging using gifs?
12. How to animate a text by fading it in & out?
13. What do you mean by ambient occlusion?
14. How to make an animated gif image’s background transparent?
15. What is e-GIF? How it is different from GIF?
16. What you understand by alternative GIFs?
17. What is XAML?
18. Explain file structure of GIF images.
19. Pour some light over Byte Ordering in Gif Images.
20. What is the purpose of Global Color Table?
21. What do you understand by Interlacing?
22. What is a Logical Screen Descriptor?
23. What are block types & terminators?
24. How graphic color extension affects the next image in a gif file?
25. Explain LZW data compression. Name other compression technique that was earlier part of gif standard.
26. Is it possible to store a gif image in database? Which data type would be suitable to store it?
27. Write a simple html snippet to include a gif file in to the webpage.
28. Suppose you are given with two 100KB files, one of them is a jpg image & other one is a still gif image. Out of the two which one will have better quality? Justify your answer.
29. Is it possible that an animated gif also have sound?
30. Pour some light over market condition of GIF image standard. Is it still used widely over the internet?


1. What do you understand by animation?
2. Is there any difference between an animation & a video? Explain.
3. Give few examples of animation hardware & software.
4. What do you understand by a media authoring tool? Name few authoring tools for animations.
5. What is a twining animation?
6. What is rigging?
7. What is the number of the frames that must be shown per second to a human to cause an optical illusion of motion?
8. What do you understand by phenomenon of persistence of vision?
9. What is a motion picture? How is it different from animations?
10. Name few of the techniques used in the animation.
11. What is traditional animation? How in traditional animations sequence of the images is created?
12. What do you know about Rotoscoping?
13. Have you ever happened to come across Puppet Animation? What is it?
14. What is Stop Motion?
15. What do you mean by the plasticine animation?
16. What is the meaning of pixilation?
17. What is computer animation? Give pros & cons of computer animation.
18. What is the difference between traditional & computer animations?
19. Name few Hollywood movies that have used photo realistic animations.
20. Explain paint-on-glass technique of animation.
21. What is sand animation?
22. Name few of the animation tools that you have used.
23. Give minimum system requirement that a rich & modern animation would require.
24. How many ways there are to include an animation into a webpage?
25. How will you make a gif animation?
26. Is it possible to publish gif animations from adobe’s flash?
27. Why gif animations do looks so grainy?
28. How does a 3D movie works?
29. What is an Easter egg?
30. What is difference between raster & vector animations? Which one is better?
31. What is FLV? For what purposes it is used?
32. What does SWF stand for? How is it different from FLV?
33. Out of FLV & SWF which one will you prefer to use when publishing an animation?
34. How many frames there are in one second of animation?
35. What are Flash Exploits? How can they harm your computer?
36. What is the difference between flash player & flash projector?
37. Name a program that can produce both 2D & 3D animations.
38. What is ActionScript?
39. What do you understand by shading?
40. What is ambient occlusion map?
41. What is the meaning of Texturing?
42. How can lighting improve whole look & feel of an animation?
43. When you should use Flash scenes instead Keyframes?
44. What is rendering in context of computer animation?
45. Is it necessary to draw background of the animation every time?
46. What do you understand by Image Morphing?
47. Is it possible to render 3D animations as 2D animations? If yes then how?
48. Compare animation with animatronics.
49. What do you understand by Squash & stretch in context of computer animation?
50. What is the clay motion? Why it is so jerky?
51. How are 3D snow & rain modeled in computer animations?
52. Are clothing & hair on 3D models created individually?
53. Have you ever heard technique called 2.5D animation? What is it?
54. How animators sync their music with their animation?
55. What are the standard units of measurement you use while doing animations?
56. What is a wireframe animation? What is its significance?
57. What is attraction in animation?
58. What do you understand by CAD tools? For what purposes they are used?
59. What is difference between autoCAD & other 3D programs?
60. If an architect want to make a model of a building which tool he prefer to use?
61. What is Adobe’s Dreamworks? How is it different from Dreaweaver?

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