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SQL Server data definition language

SQL Server Data definition language interview questions

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Define Data definition language.
What are the capabilities of Cursors?

SQL Server Data definition language - Nov 18, 2008 at 15:30 pm by Rajmeet Ghai

Define Data definition language.

A Data Definition language is a computer language. It defines how can data be stored efficiently. All the commands used to create, delete databases like CREATE or DELETE are a part of data definition language.

Explain the command Create Table, Alter Table and Drop Table with syntax.

Create table
: Used to create a table in sql. Tables store the data. Each row in a table has a unique identifier called as a primary key.

CREATE TABLE table_name (
Column_name1 data_type,
Column_name2 data_type,
PRIMARY KEY (Column_name1));

CREATE TABLE customer (
Id Integer(10)
First_name Varchar(200)
Last name varchar(200)

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Explain Data Definition Language, Data Control Language and Data Manipulation Language..............

What is transact-SQL? Describe its types?

Data Definition Language (DDL)
Data Control Language (DCL)
Data Manipulation Language (DML)

What are the advantages of using Stored Procedures?

Answer - Stored procedures provide performance benefits through local storage, precompiling the code, and caching......

What are the lock types?

Answer - Shared Lock allows simultaneous access of record by multiple Select statements. Shared Lock blocks record from updating and will remain in queue waiting while record is accessed for reading......

Define Identity and uniqueidentifier property of Column.

Answer - Column with identity property contains unique system generated value in the table. Column with identity property is similar to AutoNumber field in MS Access....

Describe in brief system database.

Answer - Master database is system database. It contains information about server’s configuration. It is a very important database and important to backup Master.....

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