10 things to be a happy employee

Happy employees are not always the people working in big companies, earning hefty salaries, traveling abroad and partying every night. Some of the people with this profile might be at the verge of breaking down on the psychological front. On the other hand some one working in a local company with a much lesser salary might be much happier. What can be the difference between these two types of people?

Is it the way they think and approach things? Here are a few tips to be a happy employee and enjoy what you do:

Be realistic

Being realistic here means understanding your capabilities and setting yourself targets which you think are achievable. If you aim to touch skies overnight, you will end up in depression for not achieving it. Set yourself goals which you think you can achieve. Let them be S.M.A.R.T. so that they are S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Realistic and T-Timely. You will see that most of the goals which you can not fit into this rule will be a cause of mental stress to you.

Have a positive mindset

 If you always carry negative feelings about your workplace, you will find yourself hating your work and workplace. Enter the office with a positive mindset. Say to yourself “I like what I am doing and for whom I am doing”. You will find that you will be able to perform much better.

Maintain a good rapport with people around

 You will read this line in almost all the articles you read about building up your relationship at work. This is because your relationship with other people around is directly related to your performance. If you are happy with people around you, you will stay in a good environment which will help you progress. Some small things you can do to achieve this is offering to help whenever you have a colleague in need of help, passing a gentle smile as you see someone. You will see that whenever you are in need, there’s always someone standing next to you.

Don’t complain, find solutions

Problems exist everywhere but a wise person is the one who tries to find a solution to them rather than criticizing. Criticizing things is much easier but it also spoils the atmosphere around. Try to find a solution to the problems existing at your workplace and you will soon have a sense of achievement. Also you will see recognition following you.

Focus on your Key Performance Areas

Many of us do a lot of work but feel that our performance is never appreciated. If you are also one of such people, see if you are focusing on the things which are expected from you. If you do everything but your actual job, your performance will never be appreciated and you will find yourself de-motivated and depressed.

Transparency is important

If you are a senior employee or a boss, try to maintain as much transparency with your juniors as possible. Well informed juniors co-operate more and cause less problems. You will find that half of your worries are gone if your juniors are co-operative.

Celebrate with juniors

Most of the senior people have a habit of celebrating success amongst themselves but whenever there’s an opportunity, celebrate with your juniors also. This will help you in building up a team with better understanding and compatibility quotient.

Be risk taking and accept challenges

You must have read, successful people are those who are open to new challenges and take risks to meet them. Volunteer to accept new challenges, whenever you see one existing and accept any new projects when they are offered to you. Do all that you need to meet these challenges and you will find a deep sense of satisfaction.

Keep out of dirty politics

Participating in dirty politics will not let you do your actual job, will keep you away from your colleagues and won’t let you think constructively. So, try to keep yourself away from office politics and blame game. Incase you have committed a mistake, accept it gracefully and try to amend it.

Take a rejuvenating break

If you find that you are exhausted even after practicing all this, it’s an indication that your body needs rest. Take a rejuvenating break and return to work afresh.

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