Data communication and broadband technologies interview

Carrier ethernet IP/MPLS Switching and routing
Edge router Optical switching Application layer
Data link layer Network technology Firewall
Security Subneting Bluetooth
RTP Tunneling VPN

Latest Bluetooth interview questions

Bluetooth is called a cable replacement technology. Explain.
Explain about TCP flow control.
List out the differences between UDP and TCP.
Which technology is used to avoid interference in Bluetooth? Brief the technology used
What method is used for Voice transfer? Brief about the method used.
What FEC means in Bluetooth? 

Latest Networking interview questions for freshers

What is Symmetric Cryptosystems and Asymmetric Cryptosystems?
Explain the concepts of digital certificates.
Explain the concept of Voluntary and Compulsory Tunnels.
What is GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) in PPTP?
What is Authentication header (AH) protocol?
What is Multicasting? Explain the different types of hosts in Multicasting.
Explain the concepts of RTP Multiplexing.
Explain TCP header in detail.
Explain the difference between baseband and broadband.
Difference between MUTEX and Semaphore. 

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