20 Gnuplot Programming interview questions and answers


Gnuplot Programming interview questions and answers

1.What is Gnuplot?
2.Which plat from supports Gnuplot?
3.Explain about gnuplot functionality
4.How to change symbol size, line thickness and the like in Gnuplot?
5.How to animate in Gnuplot?
6.How to generate plots in GIF format? - Gnuplot Programming
7.How to include Gnuplot graphs in word processor?
8.How to print out graphics in Gnuplot?
9.Is Gnuplot suitable for scripting?
10.Why the origin of Z-axis is not on the XY-plane? - Gnuplot Programming
11.How to change contours in Gnuplot?
12.How to make surface mesh finer? - Gnuplot Programming
13.How to plot implicit defined graphs? - Gnuplot Programming
14.How to fill an area between two curves? - Gnuplot Programming
15.How to include accented characters? - Gnuplot Programming
16.How to plot two functions in non-overlapping regions? - Gnuplot Programming
17.How to produce graph of an exact border size? - Gnuplot Programming
18.How to fix the bug of partial displaying of output files? - Gnuplot Programming
19.How to call Gnuplot in a pipe or with a gnuplot-script doesn't produce a plot?
20.How to plot a vertical line? - Gnuplot Programming

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GNUPLOT Interview questions

1. What is GNUPLOT? What kind of tool it is?
2. Is GNUPLOT a GUI or CLI tool?
3. Which operating systems do GNUPLOT supports?
4. Name few of the formats to which GNUPLOT can export to.
5. Is it possible to make interactive plots using GNUPLOT?
6. Name few of the tools that use GNUPLOT as their plotting engine.
7. In which language GNUPLOT is written? Which programming languages can use
8. Name few of the alternatives of GNUPLOT. Also give the pros & cons of it.
9. How do you save & load an external file into GNUPLOT?
10. Tell the gnuplot commands used for plotting in 2D & 3D.
11. How to specify ranges while plotting a graph in GNUPLOT?
12. For what purposes “set” command is used in GNUPLOT?
13. In a graph if you want to label x & y axis which variable would you use?
14. What “set terminal” command will do?
15. How to output the plot to an external file?
16. How to access an interactive shell from GNUPLOT?
17. How would you define a function in GNUPLOT?
18. If you want to erase axes, how will you do it?
19. How to draw a square or a fixed aspect ratio figure?
20. Is it possible to connect all points of the plot using smooth curves?
21. How will you erase points those are on the border?
22. How can you display a graph with normal probability axis in GNUPLOT?
23. Why in GNUPLOT the origin of Z-Axis is not on the XY-plane?
24. How can you make a surface mesh finer?
25. What is a contour? How can you change contours in GNUPLOT?
26. How do you draw a 3D graph from 3D scattered data?
27. Is it possible to draw colored 3d figures with GNUPLOT?
28. What is pseudo 3D bar graph?
29. Pour some light over parametric functions & how can they be plotted?
30. What type of data file does gnuplot supports?
31. How can one plot several data sets in a single file?
32. Is it possible to modify values in your data file while plotting?
33. Which UNIX commands can be used within gnuplot?
34. How can you plot a part of a data file?
35. Write a command you would use to plot a time-sequence data?
36. How can you extort your figure to a PNG format?
37. Is it possible to merge multiple images into a single figure? How?
38. How can someone change colors in a PostScript figure?
39. What is a dumb terminal?
40. Explain functionality of the ternary operator.
41. What do you understand by broken functions?
42. Is it possible to draw spherical harmonics using GNUPLOT? Name the command for the same.
43. Pour some light over Legendre Expansion.
44. What is a Fractal? What is the GNUPLOT command for it?
45. What do “dummy” commands stand for?
46. How can you control contour map? Name the command for it.
47. Write the command to scale up or down your figure.
48. How can you change character encoding in GNUPLOT?
49. What are Implicit functions? How can they be plotted using GNUPLOT?
50. What is the command to clear out the screen for a new figure?

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