Mainframe interview questions and answers


Mainframe interview questions and answers

MQ series Mainframe test (40 questions)  Mainframe (15 questions) 

Latest Java interview questions

Why does Java have different data types for integers and floating-point values?
What is finalize()? Is finalize() similar to a destructor?
Can we pass a primitive type by reference in java? How
Explain when we should make an instance variable private.
When should we create our own custom exception classes?
Why does Java have two ways to create child threads? Which way is better?
What is byte code and why is it important to Java’s use for Internet programming?
Explain the difference between protected and default access.
Explain the use of shift operator in Java. Can you give some examples?
Explain how to convert any Java Object into byte array.
What is difference between add() and addElement() in Vector?
When do I need to use reflection feature in Java?
Describe how to implement singleton design pattern in struts.

Latest AJAX interview questions

What are the benefits of AJAX over Java applet?
What is the disadvantage of AJAX?
What is synchronous request in AJAX?
Is the server or the client in control in AJAX?
Are there Usability Issues with AJAX?

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uploading mainframe quiz

I would definitely design mainframe quiz if only I knew how to upload.

Shivankoo 09-21-2012 02:13 AM

Please add more online test for mainframe

Thank you very much ,these are very beneficial...

shikha 12-6-2011 06:33 AM



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