Triple talaq does not conform to Sharia law

Q.  Indian Government has said the practice of triple talaq does not correspond to Sharia law.  _____ Islamic countries regulate matrimonial law?
- Published on 26 Sep 16

a. 20
b. 21
c. 23
d. 24

Triple talaq does not conform to Sharia lawIn a landmark SC trial, NDA government has decided to tell the SC that the practice of triple talk is in conformity with the Sharia is misplaced, because around 20 Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan regulate matrimonial laws.
  • Government is set to argue that the plea advanced by the All-India Muslim Personal law Board that triple talaq is sanctified by the Sharia is wrong
  • It will also challenge the practice as a violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution in a secular state like India
  • Centre will articulate its position in the ongoing case challenging the practice while avoiding the aim to impose personal laws on minorities
  • Government has also referred the UCC issue to the Law Commission of India holding wild consultations with personal law boards and stakeholders
  • AIMPLB has questioned the court’s authority to adjudicate on this religious matter derived from Koran and Sharia law
  • Issue of triple talaq has to do with gender justice and it should be non discriminatory to women and protect dignity of individuals.
  • Government sees practices like triple talaq discriminatory and believes it should be regulated under law
  • 20 Islamic countries have regulated marital laws including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as well as Muslim majority Bangladesh
  • In case regulating these laws are not against Sharia in other countries, India too should follow suit

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